Saturday, October 28, 2017

Her Holy Place

“If this is Heaven then why the fuck am I a bitch?”, Mitch demanded.

The angelic guide chuckled, “Who ever said this was -your- Heaven, Michelle?”

“Quit fucking calling me that!”, the blonde protested, hands fiercely positioned on her wide hips, “I’d rather be in hell than stuck like this!”

Another chuckle, “You humans and your obsession with ‘hell’. There’s no such thing. When you die, if you’ve lived a good life we reward you with your own personal Heaven. If not, we place you into someone else’s Heaven where you exist only to serve them. We take away your free will when we do that though. If we can’t trust you with it in life, we surely can’t trust you with it here. I should really get on that, I guess – your new master could be here any minute…poor fellow. Well, at least he’ll be overjoyed when he sees you! Any last questions before I get rid of those dirty little thoughts of yours?”

The angel had the sweetest smile on its face as it presented the woman with her loss of self – it made Mitch furious, “-MY- ‘dirty little thoughts’? Look at me, you asshole! I -AM- a dirty little thought! You’re telling me that the guy who dreamt up this wet dream is pure enough for Heaven? I bet he’s masturbated thinking about this bitch hundreds of times!”

“958 times, to be exact. He’s…very specific in his tastes. And who am I to judge? The supreme being created what you humans call ‘sex’ – how could it -not- be pure? I don’t really know though – human desires are foreign to me. I can tell you are very pretty though, and exactly what -he- desires. And this fate is what our Lord has decreed for you, so I must follow through with his command.”

“So what, I’m just supposed to be his little fucktoy for the rest of eternity? And I’m supposed to just be good with that?!”, Mitch was ready to tackle the guide.

“No, what you want doesn’t matter.”, the angel snapped its fingers, “Isn’t that right, Michelle?”

Michelle blinked absentmindedly for a moment. She looked around the room before returning her disappointed gaze to the angel, “Aww, he’s not here yet, is he?”

“I’m afraid not. All good things in time though, dear.”, the guide comforted the poor girl, “Why don’t you go get changed into something a bit more fun for when your master gets here? An endless selection of lingerie can be found in the bedroom closet. Though…if it does have an end I’m kind of afraid the two of you may find it.”

Giddy as a schoolgirl, the blonde charged off to the bed room with a squeal. The angel could only shake his head, “Lord, she was a difficult one. No matter, I’m sure her master will be pleased when he meets her. Yes, this is sure to be a -very- holy place before long.” Pleased with himself, the angel departed.

Meanwhile, Michelle had slipped into the perfect little white babydoll with white thong panties. She wanted to look angelic herself to make a good impression on her Master.


  1. Wow, such a wonderful story. I hope you'll continue whith this one. I really loved it!

  2. Hey Thanks! Glad you liked it! I don't currently have plans for more caps in this story, but you never know! Might explore more stories along the same lines though! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!