Thursday, August 10, 2017


*NOTE: I apologize that Alpha Program caps are taking so long! Life has been super busy! I'm still saving up all of them for when I'm able to get around to them! In the meantime, I wanted to put out some content that's quicker and easier for me to produce. I hope you enjoy!*

“Hrm…Yeah, I could probably get used to having an ass like that for awhile.”, Henry quipped as he evaluated the closest woman’s rear. Listening in on the group’s conversation, he tried to pick up more clues on what the woman’s life might be like. He was curious what kind of situation he would be stepping into once he possessed her.

“Isn’t tomorrow your and your boyfriend’s ‘anniversary’, Amy?”, the taller woman in striped pants beamed at the shorter girl with the nice rump.

The girl blushed a bit, playing with the straps of her purse, “It sure is! I…I think tomorrow might be -it-!” It was obvious to Henry that the woman was trying, but failing, to stop herself from shaking with excitement. “I -might- have stumbled upon a receipt for a ring…Ooops?”, she giggled nervously as the other two women lit up with joy, “Mike, much as I love him, isn’t very good at surprises!”

A relationship…disappointing. Henry should have figured a woman like her would have a man. They -always- did. It was alright though. Mike may not be good at surprises, but Henry is - ghosts have a knack for shocking people. Imagine how surprised Mike will be when Amy turns down his proposal. Imagine how surprised Amy’s friends will be when they hear she’s quit to go become a stripper down at the local club. Imagine how surprised Amy will be when Henry eventually gets bored with being her, leaving her trapped in life that’s completely unrecognizable. And it all started because of that sweet little ass of hers catching his attention. Yes, Henry was going to enjoy every minute inside her body to its fullest.


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    1. I love it though. Honestly I get sick of positive captions and people acting like it's bad to make darker captions. There's a point when it can become cartoony dark, but I much prefer them to be dark. Not evil per say, but dark.

    2. Thanks!

      And yes, it's not something I'd ever want to happen to someone in real life, but I enjoy darker fantasies and think there's nothing wrong with that. I'm a huge horror film fan, and I think there's a lot of fun horror concepts to explore when it comes to transformation and TG. A lot of my stories have darker themes, so if you enjoy that then this is a good place for it. =)


      You gave me a bit of inspiration to do this cap :)

    4. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

      Great cap! Glad I could be a bit of a muse!

  2. I really enjoy possession captions please make more

    1. Hey! Thanks!

      I think that is a distinct possibility! Keep checking back!