Friday, June 2, 2017

The Beauty of Choice - Part 1

"-Real original-, Kevin. I’d say you let me down, but really, this is -exactly- what I was expecting from you. Why -wouldn’t- a pussy like you try and turn me into some little fuck-slut with your magic cock? You never were man enough to get a -real- girl.”, Greg laid into his best friend as the bastard flaunted his magic penis at the recently transformed girl.

Canting his head to the side, Kevin’s brows furrowed, “The fuck…That’s funny, Greg. After all, you’re the one with the pussy right now. Hey, why don’t you slip those hot little shorts off and let me see it?” The shorts were so tight he could already see the outline of her womanhood, but he wanted more. More than just a look, as well.

The beauty that Greg had become demurely covered her mouth with one hand as the rest of her small frame shook with heavy laughter, “Oh man, now -that’s- funny! You think I’m interested in that -teeny-tiny-, -itty-bitty-, -limp- dick of yours?”, she taunted in a brutal sing-song as she tilted her shoulders back and forth with each insult, “I know that’s how this -usually- goes for you, Kev, but not this time. You know the store where you got the spell to make your penis do this to people? Turns out they sell mind-control wards as well.” The woman crossed her arms in smug satisfaction.

“Pshh…Clever. But what, did they not have transformation wards? You know you’re still stuck gonna be stuck with a chick’s body now, right?”, Kevin retaliated.

“Oh, I know. And they did! But why would I pass up the opportunity to become -this-?”, Greg posed the question while spinning her gorgeously female, half-naked body around playfully, “I’ve been hoping you’d to make me into a girl! I just don’t want to be -your- girl. I must admit, you did a really good job! I was afraid of how I might turn out.” Greg gave a quick peek back to the mirror and blew her new reflection a kiss.

Eyebrows high on his forehead, Kevin sighed, “-Fuuuuccck-, man. I had no idea. You could have just asked. I could have made you this bitch a long time ago. If this is what you wanted then why are you being so mean to me?”

A mischievous smile overtook Greg’s oh-so-kissable lips, “Oh, it’s just more fun this way. I wanted it to be a surprise when it happened. And you’re always so cocky! It was about time one of your transformed whores put you in your place.”

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