Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Beauty of Choice - Part 2

Turning and heading toward the door, Greg stopped only momentarily to say goodbye, “You’ll have to excuse me now. I’m going to go give Trevor a surprise as well! He never gave me the time of day as a man, but I bet once this bitch shows up at his door he’ll be all over her. Mmmm…I can’t wait to have him all over -me-. Ooh, and even -inside me-. Hahaha! Ta-ta, Kevy-boy!”

All Kevin could do was watch as Greg’s cute new ass sashayed out the door. Stunned by the turnabout, Kevin looked down to find his dick standing at full attention. It wanted Greg like it had never wanted any girl in his life. It wanted to lay her down and pound her pussy until she begged for him to stop. Kevin was so used to girls just falling to their knees for him as soon as they were transformed. Having one of them stand up to him was the hottest thing he’d -ever- experienced. He had to have Greg. He had to make her his girl. He had to make her love him. The magic hadn’t worked on her mind, but maybe that was for the best? Maybe he could try getting a girl the “normal” way for once? 

Grabbing onto his engorged dick, Kevin began rubbing up and down the shaft. Closing his eyes, he imagined the new Greg -willingly- spreading her legs for him. She -let him- slip inside of her. She called out his name in ecstasy because she -wanted to-. Kevin was finally understanding the beauty of choice. Just as Greg had -chosen- to become a woman, Kevin wanted Greg to -choose- to give herself mentally and physically over to him. Every transformed girl prior had basically just been a sex doll for him to use and abuse. They weren’t real girls, and they didn’t make Kevin a real man. That was what Greg wanted – a real man; one who was willing to treat her like the real woman she now was. A -real- woman looking for a real relationship, something Kevin that found terrifying, beautiful, and now so, so, soooo sexy…

Kevin’s body seized and relaxed simultaneously as he unloaded one handful of cum after another onto the bathroom floor. He’d been so caught up in thinking about Greg’s new body and his own new mindset that he hadn’t even tried to avoid making a mess. She’d put her own sort of spell over him. He saw now that there was a better way. He knew the choice he had to make because he knew that she was the one he was meant to be with; he only hoped he could convince her of the same.


  1. This feels like there should be a third part...

    1. Hey!

      I probably have a lot of stories that feel like they could / should continue on, but unfortunately I'm limited by the images I can find. I just couldn't find an image that continued this story in a way that I would have least not yet! Sorry! I hope you still like it for what it is!