Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ride of a Lifetime

“Ugh, I -hate it- when they try to run.” Ollie groaned as he slid Sarah’s tiny foot back into her shoe, “Y’know, Sarah…At a certain point, keeping me out of you just isn’t worth it. You could have ruined these cute little heels!”

Sarah brushed her hair back behind her ear, pausing for a moment in thought, “Eh, I guess I can’t blame you. I wouldn’t want someone taking over my body and life either, I suppose. Too late now though; no going back!"

Deep within Sarah’s body and mind, Ollie’s previous hop was beside himself with grief. He was still trapped…Why was he still trapped?! This wasn’t how it was supposed to go at all…

Austin had been an ambitious young businessman. Newly married, he was settling into a wonderful life with his beautiful wife, Victoria. He never saw the envious Ollie approach, and before he knew what happened he’d suddenly become nothing more than a silent passenger in his own body as -someone else- assumed control. 

Ollie slid perfectly into Austin’s blissful life, quickly knocking up Victoria while subtly siphoning finances into a private account he used across all of his hops. Having Ollie in control was like living life in the fast lane – it was still Austin’s life, just on overdrive. All the businessman could do was go along for the ride as his usurper disregarded any of the consequences for his actions. As soon as Victoria had their first child, Ollie filled her up with another, and then another, and then another. The couple’s perfect life went from quiet matrimony to frustrated responsibility, and Austin could tell Ollie was getting tired of it.

Despite sharing a body, Austin couldn’t hear any of Ollie’s thoughts. Ollie also didn’t speak his plans out-loud often for fear of being caught, but every now and then, when totally alone, he’d mutter the same phrase, “I really need to get a new body…” That phrase meant the world to Austin. It was the only bit of hope he had left to cling to. Maybe, -just maybe-, it meant he’d get his body and life back? Even if it was a mess now, there was -nothing- he wanted more.

Unfortunately, Austin misunderstood how hopping worked. Ollie didn’t just switch between bodies, his previous body literally phased into whatever body he chose to take over next. When Ollie hopped Sarah, the reality of the situation hit Austin like a sack of bricks. There was no “unhop”. There would be no getting his life back. His body didn’t even -exist- anymore! It was hard enough to be a prisoner inside his own body, but now he had to be a prisoner inside someone else’s?! And a woman’s body at that?! Judging by how Ollie had treated his life, Austin was sure she’d be pregnant within a week.

Oh god! What about the poor girl herself?! Austin had been so caught up in his self-pity he hadn’t even thought about Sarah. She must be trapped now too! There didn’t seem to be any way to communicate with her, though. All Austin could do was pray for the poor girl. He knew what she must have been going through. She was surely as confused and scared as he’d been. Thinking about her made him wonder though – he hadn’t been the first person Ollie had hopped. How many others were currently sharing her body? How many others would get to experience her life first-hand now? Had they enjoyed his life while they shared it? Would he enjoy being Sarah for a little while?

Disturbing thoughts, but perhaps strangely healthy ones. After all, wasn’t this his reality now? Was this his new “normal”? Would he have to accept it at some point? All thoughts that needed more time to stew before Austin would feel comfortable with them.

At least Sarah was attractive. If Austin had to get used to being a passenger in other people’s lives, perhaps being inside a woman would be interesting? He’d already been a man and a father after all. What would it be like being a girlfriend? Would he get to experience motherhood? How long would Ollie stay inside her? Who would the next hop be? What would their life be like? As the questions began to pile up, Austin’s intrigue betrayed a secret excitement. A seed had been planted deep inside his own mind that would soon bloom into a garden of appreciation for what Ollie had done to him, what he had done to Sarah, and what he would do to so many more in the future.

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