Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Becoming Part of the Deal

“Save the boring spiel, Mr. Hiller. I already know everything I need to know. You want money for your investment? It’s yours. Money is so trite though, isn’t it? Especially for someone who can warp reality to his whims, like me. I’m sure your partner briefed you that I’d want some other form of compensation, yes?”, Victor grilled the young entrepreneur before him as a beautiful young woman hungrily lapped at his dick.

David Hiller was in shock, barely able to stammer out a response, “Y…yes, Mr. Michaels. We’re prepared to offer you -whatever- you want. Please understand, it’s difficult to offer anything specific when you could have anything you wanted. So – that’s our offer – just name your price.”

Victor smiled, “I like that desperation. That drive. Do you have a family, Mr. Hiller? You seem like a family man. Family men have a certain -passion- to them, always trying so hard to be the ‘provider’. How important is this deal to you family, Mr. Hiller?”

It was perhaps the first time David had felt so creeped out by someone asking about his family. He hesitated to respond, “Incredibly, Mr. Michaels. We’ve put all our savings into this company. Without it…I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have our home.”

“Well, we can’t have that, now can we, Mr. Hiller?”, Victor’s attention oddly shifted to his lover as he asked the question. David’s unease grew alongside Victor’s now malevolent smile. Muffled giggles shook the woman’s body, barely escaping between the continued cramming of Victor’s cock down her throat.

“-She- is my price, and I already know you’ll agree to it. Say ‘Hello’ to the new you, David. I wanted to give you a little -preview- before your transformation. How does she look? Would you fuck her? I will. Hundreds of times. Adding a new girl to my harem is so much fun. Are you ready to be that girl, David?”, Victor taunted, radiating wicked pride, “See, two minutes from now I’m going to turn you into this little cock-craving slut and then send you back-in-time to just before our meeting started. Then, you’re going to do exactly what she’s been doing this whole time – pleasure me. You don’t need to worry about your family anymore – they’ll be well taken care of. The only care in your pretty-little head should be how to give me the best fucking blowjob of my life, got it?”

David froze in his seat. Timidly, he nodded a silent understanding of the arrangement. He shuffled the documents he’d been holding so as to hide his growing erection, having already gone to half-mast as soon as he saw the naked woman. The news that he’d soon -be her- sent him to full attention. He wasn’t sure why, but the idea of being so -powerless-, so -sexy-, so -girly-…It was -extremely- enticing. The reality of it was that Victor had already altered David’s mind to -want- his imminent transformation, but David had no idea the transformation had already begun until he felt his rigid dick slither away into the smoothness of his new groin. -Her- new groin. Dropping the documents from her dainty hands, she groped at the emptiness with excitement. Like a budding flower, hair and muscle soon gave way to the rest of her smooth, feminine curves. David’s suit itself quick reshaped into form fitting lingerie. Wearing it made her like a sex goddess. Finally, as she bit her newly plumped lip in anticipation, two soft orbs blossomed out from her previously barren chest.

With her transformation complete, David tried to join her other self in servicing Victor. He stopped her with a simple wag of the finger, “Sorry, sweetie, but you have a meeting to catch. Don’t worry though, you’ll get to wrap your lips around me soon enough.” In a flash she was gone, sent back to the start of the meeting to take her place on the table before David.

Now alone with the originally transformed David, Victor focused on her magnificent heart-shaped ass. The combination of her gorgeous body and skilled fellatio pushed him over the edge. The girl gagged as hot cum shot pulse after pulse into her mouth. With a determined gulp, she swallowed the entirety of her Master’s gift, enjoying the idea that some part of him was now -inside- of her.

“Did you like that David?”, Victor questioned his new whore with smug satisfaction. 

David’s kittenish tone made it clear she was still -very- horny, “Ohh, yes, Master.”

Victor smiled devilishly, “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and your associates, -Ms.- Hiller. I’ll have my secretary wire the money to them and your family, and we’ll inform both that you’ll be staying here with me. Does that sound good?”

David pulled herself up so that she was now straddling Victor’s body, his spent cock teasing the lips of her newly exposed pussy, “Perfect, Master. Now…please…please fuck me? I need you to fill me up, Master. Would you like that? Do you want to cum in my pussy?”

“Very much, -Diana-. Very much.”, Victor happily affirmed, placing his hands tightly on the girl’s wide hips. He always loved the eagerness of new “business” partners.

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