Monday, June 5, 2017

An Act of Possession

“Fra…FRANCISCO?!”, Melissa wailed as the fully-grown and clothed man finally pushed free from her vagina. Waking up in labor was just about the last thing she’d expected; she hadn’t even been pregnant last night! The only thing more surprising was her “baby”. Emerging from inside of her was no child, rather it was her boss, ‘The Fantastic Francisco’, a low-level Vegas magician she’d been working as the assistant of for almost a year now.

He quickly grabbed her by the ankles to keep her from kicking him in the face and stared her dead in the eyes. His heavy Spanish accent was even harder to understand in his insane glee, “Melissa! It worked! My newest…-greatest- trick! It worked! I have real magic!” He explained that he hadn’t quite told her the truth about the possession stunt they added in during the last performance. Francisco had found a real possession spell that he had used to phase into Melissa and take over her body. He finished out the show -as her-, giving the audience -quite- the peep show to accentuate that she was no longer in control and to aid in his misdirection. It didn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of his more elaborate tricks, but it was -real- and -very- entertaining! Especially for the men in the audience.

It was then that Melissa noticed the date on her clock – a full week had gone by! Presuming this was real (After all, she’d definitely just had a man crawl out of her snatch), she demanded to know what he’d been doing with her body for all that time. The answer was simple: he’d been trying to get out! Unfortunately, while his spell made getting inside easy, leaving was…complicated. In order to escape, he needed a new host body that was malleable enough to reshape into his original one. The only thing with that sort of potential? A freshly fertilized egg. It was why he’d possessed Melissa. He could only possess women who were still fertile, and she had talked about wanting kids eventually. Were he to possess someone incapable of giving birth there’d be no way to leave their body.

“Francisco…I’m single…Who did you…Did I…FUCK! Who the -fuck- have we been -fucking-?!”, Melissa was no idiot. An egg couldn’t just fertilize itself.

“Well, let’s just say that -single- may not be the most accurate term…”, Francisco smiled sheepishly. Melissa was not amused. Francisco broke eye contact, his cheeks redder than cherries, “It was Samuel, the stagehand…We probably fucked five or six times. He’s -really- getting good with his hands. He knows just how to work my brea…your breasts…yours…”

Melissa was beyond furious. How could he?! This was -her- body! -Her- life! How could he betray her like this?! Barely holding back tears, she screamed at Francisco, “GET OUT! I DON’T -EVER- WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!”

Her anger stunned Francisco. He realized he’d made a mistake. She had every right to be upset, but that didn’t change the fact that he couldn’t have this incident getting out. Sure, it was unlikely many would believe her, but he couldn’t be the only one with real magic. Someday it could catch up to him. Maybe even Melissa herself? Would she one day come back with a spell of her own to ruin his life? He couldn’t chance it.

Clearing his head and focusing once more on the possession spell, he lunged toward Melissa’s nude body. Colliding with her as she screamed, he flowed once more into her every curve and contour. After a week inside her prior, the return of her every naked sensation was like coming home. Every bounce and jiggle felt so familiar…so comforting. He hadn’t meant for it to turn out this way…but in a way he was glad. Not only was he excited to be a woman once again, being such a babe was sure to send his ticket sales through the roof. 

It was official then - ‘The Fantastic Francisco’ was no more! Today, ‘Melissa the Magnificent’ would be born! She couldn’t wait to show off both her amazing magic and her stunning body at her “first” performance.

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