Thursday, June 1, 2017

A New Set of Curves

“Mmmmm…You have -no idea- how long I’ve wanted to add you to my collection, Michelle.”, Jeffrey cooed through his stolen body’s soft lips, “I think it’s time to retire Mrs. Donovan for a little while. She was fun, but I think I’m going to enjoy wearing you even more!”

Below, Michelle was sliding further and further into Mrs. Donovan’s -other- lips. Confused and afraid, she pleaded for mercy, “Ohhh god...Nooo! What the hell is this?! Let me go! I don't want this!”

Sickeningly sweet, Jeffrey put on his best mother impression, though it wouldn't last long, “Aww…I know you don’t, sweetie. But I -do-. Once I finish absorbing you I’ll be able to transform my body into yours whenever I want. Bitches like you never used to let me get anywhere near you when I was just a normal guy. Back before I picked up this -power-. Well, now -I’m the bitch-, bitch. I’m Mrs. Donovan. I’m Samantha. I’m Karen. I’m Brianne. Hell, I’m even that slut Daisy from accounting. Soon though? I’ll be -you-. I’ll be Michelle - cutesy, innocent little Michelle - and I’ll be able to do anything I want with your body, just like I've done with Mrs. Donovan here. I bet the mail room clerk is still happily confused about all the blowjobs he’s been getting from the CEO lately.”

A sudden pop of sensation interrupted the monologue. Jeffrey’s womanly body had been rocked by Michelle’s right breast finally being fully tugged into Mrs. Donovan’s womanhood. The ensuing explosion of pleasure and fullness caused Jeffrey to arch his girlish backside, nearly slamming Michelle’s head into the floor, “Ooh, this is always my favorite part. One more to goooooOOHH! Ahhh...There we are…Mmmm...”

With Michelle’s weighty chest now fully subsumed, her absorption accelerated. It soon met its final choke-point at the base of her skull. Terrified and teary eyed, Michelle remained as little more than a head extending out from the inside of Mrs. Donovan’s thighs. The soft folds of her predator’s labia eagerly gummed at her throat as they fought to finish her off.

Jeffrey smiled down at Michelle while gently running one of Mrs. Donovan’s hands through the girl’s hair. It must have seemed cruelly kind, though he didn’t care about perception. Michelle would be gone soon anyway. No, he just enjoyed the memory of what they looked like in their final moment. That final resignation before he sealed them away within forever.

Placing both well-manicured hands at the top of Michelle’s skull, Jeffrey applied gentle pressure. Eyes wide as saucers, Michelle gurgled and spat her final protestations as Mrs. Donovan’s pussy lips slid over her regular ones.

“There, there now. In you go, dear! Buh-bye!”, Jeffrey mocked, betraying not even a hint of guilt in the dulcet farewell. With the top of Michelle's forehead being gulped down by the womanly maw, Jeffrey found himself once again staring down into Mrs. Donovan’s empty crotch. The sight was intoxicating; it meant he had a new toy! But how best to test Michelle's body out first? Biting a nail mischievously, he contemplated his next move. It didn’t take long for a fun idea to surface. That mail room clerk – he’d seen him go all red and sweaty whenever Michelle talked to him. Jeffrey wondered how he’d respond to his crush asking him for a romp in "hay", or janitor's closet as it were. He imagined it would be the perfect way for him to break in his new set of curves.


  1. OMFG such a hot story!

    Do you know where the image came from? Love to get my hands on more of this!!!


    1. Heya! Glad you found it hot! Me too!

      The image came from a larger image set but I modified it slightly to make it look more like the bottom woman is disappearing inside the one on top. Originally it was just her sitting on her. So, unfortunately there aren't really more photos exactly along these lines. This was the best one I could find among the set to facilitate this story.

    2. You've done an awesome job then! Gutted there are no more :(

      Fingers crossed you will make some more with some awesome stories to go with! ;D

      Love it


    3. Aww, thanks!

      I try to make something every now and then, but I'm not the most skilled at photo-manipulation. Stay on the lookout though! <3