Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Witchy Washery - Part 2

Dylan was too dumbfounded to say anything but his body was more responsive. Below, he could feel his shorts rapidly growing tighter. His groin tingled with excitement as he grew thick and hard. That same dark allure he’d felt before had returned. 

Raising a well-manicured brow, it quickly became apparent that Veronica had picked up on it too, “Oh! Does the idea of us becoming her turn you on? Sorry I didn’t tell you about this part of the spell though, Dylan. I wanted it to be a surprise. You’ve always wished you could have two of me - now you do!”

Veronica stepped close to Dylan and placed one delicate hand onto the growing tent in his shorts. Gently sliding her hand up and down his concealed shaft, the girl continued with a breathy sensuality, “We have a lot of fun planned for you once the other Veronica gets home, but I wanted some time for us to get acquainted as well. We have Veronica’s memories of what sex is like as a woman, but we’ve never -truly- felt it. What do you say, Dylan? Fuck us just like you fuck her? I could give you another one of those lap dances…”

Dylan loved how this Veronica teased him with the interplay of “we” and “I”. It was practically enough to send him over the edge all on its own. No sense in wasting that passion, he thought. Soon he was pounding her pussy with all the strength and stamina he had. The two engaged a marathon love making session that ran through the original Veronica’s return home. Pleased by the sight of her boyfriend screwing the newly created twin, fully aware the girl had once been his best friends, Veronica stripped down and slipped in to join the fun. Dylan soon lost track of which girl was which, unsure if the first girl he came inside was the Ben and Thomas Veronica or not. It didn’t matter much though, as neither girl relented until he’d filled both up with his seed.

Cuddled up to both women later that night, Dylan found himself studying their features as they slept. Gorgeous brown hair. Plump, kissable lips. Deliciously soft bodies pressed tightly up against him. Completely identical in every way, he realized he’d never know which girl was the original Veronica ever again. Either could claim it, just as either could claim to be the transformed Ben and Thomas. He’d never be certain again. He loved the mystery just as much as he loved his two amazing girlfriends.

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