Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Witchy Washery - Part 1

“Ugh, that was so cramped, babe.”, Veronica groaned while climbing out of the dryer.

Veronica…Why was it Veronica? Dylan’s mind raced. She’d just called him from work not even ten minutes prior to check on the reversal spell. She shouldn’t have been here, and it -definitely- shouldn’t have been her stepping out of the machine. Something was very wrong with this situation...Even more wrong than what had gotten them here in the first place.

A hobbyist witch on the side, Veronica had wanted to try “spicing up” her sex life with her burgeoning powers. As Veronica’s boyfriend, Dylan was initially less than thrilled when she informed him that she’d transformed his best friends, without anyone’s consent, into a matching set of pastel blue undies.

Despite his initial hesitations, he had to admit that it was strangely arousing knowing that Ben was trapped in the tight, see through fabric of Veronica’s panties. Tightly clinging and contouring to the fullness of his girl’s ass, there was no sign of Dylan’s former friend. He didn’t even make a peep when she rubbed him all over Dylan’s cock in a very sensual lap dance. Dylan wondered if his friends had sentience enough to experience and appreciate being worn and played with. He certainly did love playing with Thomas and the breasts he was wrapped around while in bra form. Part of him secretly hoped they did too, though he was also terrified of trying to explain all of this once they changed back.

And Veronica had -promised- she’d turn them back the following day. Her assurance was the only thing that made Dylan at all comfortable accepting what she’d done to them. It should have been easy. According to Veronica, all Dylan had to do was run his transformed friends through the wash like any other clothing, but with a few magical ingredients included alongside the detergent. At the end of the process, the two men would climb out of the dryer totally back to normal. Simple. Simple. Simple. Or at least it was supposed to be…

“Ver…onica? Where are Ben and Thomas? You said this would make them human again.”, Dylan asked in bewilderment.

“But it did, silly! I am Ben and Thomas! Well, -was-…We’re Veronica now! Those items you added pulled our essences out of the clothing, merged them, and then reformed the combination into me! Isn’t it wonderful?”, the girl giggled with pleasure.

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