Thursday, May 4, 2017


“Clever…”, Mark said under his breath as he squeezed his newly blossomed chest in satisfaction. He knew these “developments” should have concerned him, but he couldn’t see how that would do any good now. In his arrogance he’d fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book: the old magically spiked punch. In reality, the mistake hadn’t totally been his fault. The club’s staff had setup a mind-addling spell around the building specifically to combat Arcane Investigator’s like Mark. The very first step Mark took into the club had reduced him from experienced Magus to curious fool.

No time to worry about that though! This party looked fun! Composing herself, Marcia stuffed her breasts back into her new top and strutted out to the dance floor to join the near-orgy of women there, bouncing and swaying to the thick bass. Every so often she’d bump into a man in the throng of bodies, quickly making it her mission to get her body as close to his as possible. She’d never understood the whole “grinding” thing before, but -now- she could see the appeal. It was magical feeling her dance partner’s dick grow thick beneath the caress of her plump rear. It was hot knowing that it was meant to -fuck her-, should she allow it.

However, once she’d had her fun with a man she wouldn’t hesitate to suggest he try the punch as well. After the almost-lap dance she’d given them, they were under her spell. Not a single man she asked refused a drink. She loved watching the magic take hold of them when they did – boring maleness consumed by hot female flesh as their former lives ended and they became little more than slutty club whores alongside her.

Although the Agency would eventually shut the club down for forcibly transforming men into lusty women, Mark had completely disappeared into her new life by that point. Gone was his passion to halt arcane crime. Gone was his altruism. Gone was his manhood. All Marcia cared about now was where the next party would be and which guy would be fucking her by the end of the night.

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