Friday, March 31, 2017

With Great Power Cums Big Changes

Nathan wondered if he should tell the man he who he really was. Transforming into a woman had certainly made finding someone to help him move into his new place easier, but he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. It was his first time using his power in such an exploitative way. What was this guy going to think when “Caitlyn” suddenly disappeared? Nathan’s ploy of shifting into an attractive young brunette who was sure to attract attention had proven effective, but what was he going to do now? Judging by the way James was eyeing her as they brought up the last box, he knew the man had some -ideas-…

Guys didn’t help girls like “Caitlyn” for no reason. A favor like this, a body like hers…it came with certain expectations. Oddly, none of them seemed to disturb Nathan as much as she thought they would. James -did- deserve a reward…didn’t he? He seemed like such a nice guy. -Handsome-, too. They’d make a cute couple. Have cute babies, even…? A nervous giggle escaped her lips. She brushed a few stray locks of hair over her petite ears. She knew she needed to calm down. After all, she’d only just met him! But...maybe Caitlyn could hold off on changing back into “Nathan", at least for a little while?

Meanwhile, James wondered if he should tell the woman what he was capable of. Using his telepathic influence to force the cute new neighbor girl to fall in love with him would certainly make getting over the slump of his recent breakup easier, but he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. It was his first time using his power in such an exploitative way, but she did look happy. -Hot-, too. Maybe she didn’t have to know? It was already too late anyway, right? Her head was sure to already be swimming with infatuation for him; those thoughts and feelings were real now, no matter where they had come from.

It took Caitlyn less than a week as James’ girlfriend to reveal both her shifting ability and past. James was stunned to learn that Caitlyn had originally been a man, but Caitlyn brushed off his apologies and refused offers to reset her mind. It wasn’t very hard to convince James to leave things be though; he didn't really want things to change anyway. After all, Caitlyn’s ability was amazing for the bedroom: imagine being a guy with the opportunity to fuck Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, and Scarlett Johansson all in one night! 

James loved when she would shift while he was actively fucking her. Caitlyn enjoyed gradually shifting into forms with tighter and tighter vaginas until she and James simply couldn’t take the mounting pressure any longer. She had an especially cute and small Japanese form that was more often than not the one he would unload into. Having a man fill her up was an amazing sensation. A month ago the idea would have made her gag, but now she loved that moment when he slips out and she can feel his juices overflowing and oozing out of her pussy. It made her feel "claimed", as though she were his property. She relished that feeling. He always treated her with dignity and respect, but she loved being submissive to him.

Caitlyn was so glad she'd taken the initial chance of becoming a woman. She was even more glad that it was James she'd run into first. Moving here to start a new life, she could have never have imagined winding up in this one. But how could it have possibly gone better? And how could she have ended up with a better person? Caitlyn didn't care about the circumstances - that James had forced this life upon her. All that mattered to her was that she and James were happy.