Monday, January 23, 2017

Blackmail Booty - Part 2

Adam knelt behind Melanie, groping her plump cheeks, “So, how does this work?”

“Just press your face against my skin. Maybe plant a kiss? I like it when the guys do that.”, Melanie was ever the flirt, but especially so now that she had this man by the balls.

“What’ll it be like?”, he asked further, holding his future self in-hand.

Melanie giggled, “Have you -really- thought this through? It won’t be like -anything-. -You- won’t exist anymore, dear. You’re just going to be my ass. Asses don’t think, they bounce and, I guess…squish, or something? Whatever that is, that’s -all- you’ll experience.”

Adam shook his head, lightly smiling, as he tried to make sense of his impending fate. The implication of accepting nonexistence was making him loopy, “The quote from my final High School year book couldn’t have been further off: ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years, Adam?’ ‘Jiggling around as some bitch’s ass’ was apparently the correct answer.”

Melanie couldn’t help but enjoy his near-delusional witticism. Stifling more giggles, she shot back, “Hey, not just -any- bitch’s ass! The -hottest- bitch’s ass! Now hurry up! I have some really cute leggings that I -can’t wait- to squeeze you into.”

This triggered a series of disturbing thoughts for Adam, though he figured there was no fighting them. Most guys would -kill- to get into Melanie's pants, and soon he'd be doing it on the daily! Pants, panties, skirts, bikinis, lingerie - he'd be getting -into- and -out of- all of them! His thoughts on Melanie had become solely focused on how her ass had looked in clothing during their time together. There was only one word for it: amazing. It always looked amazing. And in a matter of moments -he- was going to be that amazing ass. He figured he was as ready as he'd ever be.

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