Saturday, January 21, 2017

Accepting Her New Self

“I…I really don’t even know what to think right now, Ryan…Thanks…I guess…”, Greg sat with her arms folded.

Ryan was just happy to have his friend back, one way or another, but it wasn’t quite the response he’d been hoping for, “Damn…That’s all the thanks I get after I -sacrificed- for you? I didn’t masturbate for a week! And do you know how many drinks I had to butter Rachel up with to get her to fuck me? At least I got a hot one for you; I could have unloaded you into some desperate fat chick instead! You owe me!”

“I know! I know!”, Greg’s groan grew into a deep sigh. The heaving of Rachel’s breasts upon his…her chest were foreign and disturbing, “It’s just hard to accept, y’know? That I’m -Rachel- now. That I’ll -be her- for the rest of my life!”

Ryan smiled, “Dude…You brought home a magical board game. What did you think would happen?”

“Definitely -NOT- that I’d get turned into your -semen-! Definitely -NOT- that I’d take over the body of the next girl you came inside! I’m -pretty sure- that possibility would never cross -ANYONE’S. FUCKING. MIND-! -UGH-!”, Greg’s annoyance was palpable, but in Rachel’s body her frustration just came across as cute.

“Hey, I know this is a lot for you right now, Rachel.”, Ryan said with a slight snicker as he placed one arm around the girl’s back, “I’m here for you though, no matter what.”

Greg shot him a half-angry, half-intrigued glare, “-That’s- the most frustrating thing…This body is -really- horny. I just want to be fucked, like, -right now-. Not like when I was a guy, it’s this…-longing- to be filled up. But isn’t it wrong for me to jump into being a chick so quickly? Like, shouldn’t I want to wait longer? Put up some resistance?”

Ryan shrugged, “Well, I dunno. You said it yourself, this is you now. I guess it makes sense that you think like a girl now too. But is more time to get used to it something you want?”

Greg pulled her arms in tight and shy, “Not…not really. Ok, sure, let’s fuck. But be gentle, alright? And…and can you call me by her name some more during it? Well, my name…I mean, y’know, Rachel? It’s sorta…hot being treated like her, knowing the world sees me -as her- now. I -want- to be Rachel. 'Greg' just doesn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore. I guess I just didn’t want to admit it at first.”

“That makes a lot of sense, Rachel. I don’t think you’re weird to want this though. You -are- a woman now. The hottest babe I know, even! The sooner you accept your new feelings the sooner you can be happy.”, Ryan said as he turned in and kissed his friend tenderly on her stolen shoulder, “I want to make you happy, Rachel. I think we could be very happy -together-."

His words were like honey. With Ryan’s face close, Rachel couldn’t resist the temptation. She leaned in and took his lips in hers. A man’s lips. They were enticingly rougher than what she was used to. Rachel wondered if Ryan enjoyed the softness of her lips just as much. The spark of that kiss relaxed her. She knew she'd made the right decision. She was ready to take over Rachel's life. She was ready to be -his girl-.

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