Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pillowy Prison

Four months. It had now been 4 months since the wish that accidentally merged Christopher into the ass of a random woman who’d been passing by his home. 

Four months of being squeezed into tight pants and dresses. One-hundred twenty days of jiggling and squishing, his life ruled by his owner’s constant battle between her bounciness and the restriction of her clothing. 

Forty or so days (Best as he could count) of being played with by rough, anonymous hands. This woman spent at least a third of her days on her back. It was quite a shock the first time he felt the long shaft of a man stroking up and down the singular crack of his twin, cheeky form. Like a stone pillar floating on an ocean of pillows, Chris could tell the man was clearly enjoying his softness. He consistently received such attentions, convincing Chris that he’d become quite an ass indeed.

Two weeks of hope that he might ever be rescued. Surely his friends had given up looking for him by now. How would they even know where to begin looking?

“Excuse me miss, but do you mind if we check your ass for our friend?”, they might inquire. Ridiculous. 

What would Chris even do if they -did- find him? He wouldn’t be able to see or hear them, to tell them they were right. He could possibly feel them, but he doubted whoever this woman was would just let two strangers play with her rear end long enough to develop a means of communication.
But first off, why would they even assume that -this- of all things was what the wish had done? All he’d asked for was that he could “Get into a girl’s pants.” Chris was certain that his friends wouldn’t know to take that request quite so literally. He was just glad he hadn’t literally been merged with a pair of pants. 

No, he just had to accept that this was his life now. Everyday he’d shift and sway, taunt and tease, move and squeeze as his owner went about her day oblivious to her secret passenger. Everyone else would be forever oblivious as well - his curves sure to catch many a glance, but none ever seeing ‘him’, only -her-. -Her- ass. -Her- curves. -Her- body. Chris saw no point in continuing the charade of his independence. He was her now ass and -nothing- more.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Her Holy Place

“If this is Heaven then why the fuck am I a bitch?”, Mitch demanded.

The angelic guide chuckled, “Who ever said this was -your- Heaven, Michelle?”

“Quit fucking calling me that!”, the blonde protested, hands fiercely positioned on her wide hips, “I’d rather be in hell than stuck like this!”

Another chuckle, “You humans and your obsession with ‘hell’. There’s no such thing. When you die, if you’ve lived a good life we reward you with your own personal Heaven. If not, we place you into someone else’s Heaven where you exist only to serve them. We take away your free will when we do that though. If we can’t trust you with it in life, we surely can’t trust you with it here. I should really get on that, I guess – your new master could be here any minute…poor fellow. Well, at least he’ll be overjoyed when he sees you! Any last questions before I get rid of those dirty little thoughts of yours?”

The angel had the sweetest smile on its face as it presented the woman with her loss of self – it made Mitch furious, “-MY- ‘dirty little thoughts’? Look at me, you asshole! I -AM- a dirty little thought! You’re telling me that the guy who dreamt up this wet dream is pure enough for Heaven? I bet he’s masturbated thinking about this bitch hundreds of times!”

“958 times, to be exact. He’s…very specific in his tastes. And who am I to judge? The supreme being created what you humans call ‘sex’ – how could it -not- be pure? I don’t really know though – human desires are foreign to me. I can tell you are very pretty though, and exactly what -he- desires. And this fate is what our Lord has decreed for you, so I must follow through with his command.”

“So what, I’m just supposed to be his little fucktoy for the rest of eternity? And I’m supposed to just be good with that?!”, Mitch was ready to tackle the guide.

“No, what you want doesn’t matter.”, the angel snapped its fingers, “Isn’t that right, Michelle?”

Michelle blinked absentmindedly for a moment. She looked around the room before returning her disappointed gaze to the angel, “Aww, he’s not here yet, is he?”

“I’m afraid not. All good things in time though, dear.”, the guide comforted the poor girl, “Why don’t you go get changed into something a bit more fun for when your master gets here? An endless selection of lingerie can be found in the bedroom closet. Though…if it does have an end I’m kind of afraid the two of you may find it.”

Giddy as a schoolgirl, the blonde charged off to the bed room with a squeal. The angel could only shake his head, “Lord, she was a difficult one. No matter, I’m sure her master will be pleased when he meets her. Yes, this is sure to be a -very- holy place before long.” Pleased with himself, the angel departed.

Meanwhile, Michelle had slipped into the perfect little white babydoll with white thong panties. She wanted to look angelic herself to make a good impression on her Master.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Friendly Fapping

“You know what? Here, make sure you get a good recording!”, the blonde had taunted, lifting her dress while hurrying down the hallway, “Can you still tell which is which? Maybe if you play this back some and study it -hard- enough? Just try not to play with yourself -too much- while you do!”

Felix let out a heavy sigh as he watched footage of the confrontation for the hundredth time. He still knew -exactly- which cheek was Marcus (On the left) and which was Blake (On the right); seeing your best friends wrist deep in some blonde bitch’s ass and only being pulled further and further in wasn’t something easily forgotten. She’d even smiled at him while pulling out her tits and beckoning him to come over and play too. It was clear from the tape that he’d made a key decision about his future in the split-second decision to book it from that bedroom. It was a decision that Marcus and Blake likely never had any chance to consider and, sad as he had to accept, probably never would again.

With a defeated shrug, Felix unzipped his pants and dug out his cock. It was more of a struggle than normal, his manhood already fully engorged from watching the woman tease him with her delightful rear. Repeatedly playing the part where she flashed him, Felix did the best he could to push down any guilt with each stroke up his shaft. Was it weird to jack off to his friends? No, that was definitely the wrong question. Was it weird to masturbate over a hot chick’s booty? Definitely not! He was sure that either of them would have done the same…if they weren’t now just the bouncy girl flesh that was currently driving his dick wild. 

Felix imagined himself bending the girl over and pounding deep inside her pussy doggy style, the two massive mounds of Marcus and Blake providing ample cushioning for his groin. The fantasy was enough to push him over the edge. He gripped hard onto his penis, throttling it as pulse after pulse of hot semen shot up into the air before splattering to the ground. Only now did he realize he’d been so lost in the ecstasy of this woman’s body and his friend’s addition to it that he’d forgotten to take steps to mitigate the need for cleanup. With a further sigh, he went to get some tissues.

Although he knew his friends were gone forever, Felix returned to their footage regularly. Each time he took more and more pleasure in imagining ways to play with both her and them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


*NOTE: I apologize that Alpha Program caps are taking so long! Life has been super busy! I'm still saving up all of them for when I'm able to get around to them! In the meantime, I wanted to put out some content that's quicker and easier for me to produce. I hope you enjoy!*

“Hrm…Yeah, I could probably get used to having an ass like that for awhile.”, Henry quipped as he evaluated the closest woman’s rear. Listening in on the group’s conversation, he tried to pick up more clues on what the woman’s life might be like. He was curious what kind of situation he would be stepping into once he possessed her.

“Isn’t tomorrow your and your boyfriend’s ‘anniversary’, Amy?”, the taller woman in striped pants beamed at the shorter girl with the nice rump.

The girl blushed a bit, playing with the straps of her purse, “It sure is! I…I think tomorrow might be -it-!” It was obvious to Henry that the woman was trying, but failing, to stop herself from shaking with excitement. “I -might- have stumbled upon a receipt for a ring…Ooops?”, she giggled nervously as the other two women lit up with joy, “Mike, much as I love him, isn’t very good at surprises!”

A relationship…disappointing. Henry should have figured a woman like her would have a man. They -always- did. It was alright though. Mike may not be good at surprises, but Henry is - ghosts have a knack for shocking people. Imagine how surprised Mike will be when Amy turns down his proposal. Imagine how surprised Amy’s friends will be when they hear she’s quit to go become a stripper down at the local club. Imagine how surprised Amy will be when Henry eventually gets bored with being her, leaving her trapped in life that’s completely unrecognizable. And it all started because of that sweet little ass of hers catching his attention. Yes, Henry was going to enjoy every minute inside her body to its fullest.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Alpha Program: Alyssa Brooks

*Hello! Welcome to my first Alpha Program story using your applications! Below you will find a description of the transformation as well as a short look at the life of the resulting woman. The five men being merged today are the first five posted on the comments of the main Alpha Program comment section. If you would like the chance to be featured in a similar story, please make a comment there. Here is a link to that page: Click Here!


A small disclaimer since this is the first story - don't be surprised if a lot of the text for the actual transformation sequence repeats in each story I write. One can only write the same transformation using the same concept so many different ways. The way each character reacts and the way their story plays out in the second section will always be different, however.

Today's Lucky Alpha Programmers Are: 
1. Andrew Haskins
2. Adam White
3. David Redstone
4. Jack Talbot
5. Theo Vilnius

Anyway, enough talky-talk! Onto the fun! Enjoy*

The Transformation:

The door slammed closed behind Andrew Haskins, Adam White, David Redstone, Jack Talbot, and Theo Vilnius as soon as they had fully entered the chamber. In the small, sterile eggshell of a room the men passed awkward glances.

“Thank you for your compliance!”, the voice delivered Orwellian appreciation, “Your new citizen designation is: Alyssa Brooks. Please stand by as we activate the merge sequence. We look forward to meeting you shortly, Miss Brooks!”

Jack clenched his fists before letting a tirade loose, “It’s not a ‘designation’ it’s called a name! And -my name- is -Jack Talbot-, assholes!”

“That..that’s right. Please don’t do this. I’m Adam White, not ‘Alyssa Brooks’. Please, we all have lives -already-. We don’t need a new one.”, Adam spoke up in support of his new compatriot.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad?.”, David Redstone interjected, “-No way- you missed those female Alphas on the way in. In just a few minutes we’re going to be one of them. There’s no changing it; why not just accept it? They looked happy, after all.”

Theo Vilnius nodded along before adding his own thoughts, “That’s right! They were all smiles! I…I think Alyssa will be too. Just wait, we’ll love being her.”

“Alyssa is a pretty name.”, Andrew Haskins quietly added, clearly shaking but trying his best to hide it. Inside, his heart swelled with excitement. This was it! He was about to get what he’d always wanted. Regardless of the others, he was beside himself with joy. He couldn’t wait to “meet” Alyssa either.

Suddenly, the walls of the machine hummed to life. A deep pulsating vibration shook the men to their marrow. Each instantly went woozy, struggling to remain standing. Jack reached out to grab Theo for support, but rather than taking hold of him he was terrified to find his hand sinking -into- the man. Addled but not unconscious, Theo recognized that this was the beginning of the merge – he’d soon be one of those happy girls he'd seen leaving the facility. He wanted to hurry that along.

Grasping Jack’s arm, Theo began pulling the man in further despite the horror painted on his face. Seeing Jack’s plight, Adam took hold of the like-minded man’s arm to try and free him, but it proved counter-productive. Adam’s hands were soon fully absorbed into the amalgamation of flesh now being tugged back and forth between the three men.

Oblivious to the struggle behind him, David stumbled backwards into the fight, instantly sinking into the middle of the contest. Andrew turned to see Theo on one side against Jack and Adam on the other, with an unfortunate David taking on the role of a Stretch Armstrong toy in the middle. The fight looked as ridiculous as it was – it was time to end. It was time to make Alyssa a reality.

Andrew jumped into David, causing the entire group to collapse in on itself in the middle of the room. As their bodies collided, flesh and clothing became like putty, writhing madly on the floor. Each man’s appendages and body slowly lost all definition until all that remained was a giant mass of oozing skin. Slowly, it began to shrink in on itself, smaller and smaller still until it was nearly one fifth its original size. It seemed impossible that all five of the men could still be within, but they most certainly were.

Definition gradually returned to the blob, but not in a way that matched anyone who had been consumed by it. Round edges stiffened up into soft curves, with four tendrils reaching out from the mass and soon forming into silky smooth legs and arms. Between the arms and above the back of the legs the mass developed respectable lumps of collected body tissue. It didn’t take long for them to firm up into what was obviously a woman’s pert behind and perky breasts. The blob followed up this trick by contracting in at the middle, ceasing to be a blob at all. Where the five men had fallen now lay only a single female’s hourglass shaped body. Her head was the only piece still missing. The headless girl’s delicate fingertips explored her body with insatiable curiosity, gripping her breasts in astonishment and feeling at the emptiness between her legs. She seemed to quiver in pleasure as she stumbled upon the slit that had only recently opened up at the bottom of her new groin, gently rubbing a well-manicured finger over it again and again.

As she lightly played with herself, a fifth and final tendril began to slither up from her shoulders. It took on the round beauty of the human head, sharpening up into the creamy features of a beautiful girl. With blonde hair sprouting from the top of her newly formed scalp, her face began to finalize. Two brilliant, bluish-green eyes slid open toward the center, blinking rapidly as they adjusted to new vision and the brightness of the room. Below her small nose, her empty face pulled and tugged until the skin split open to reveal a mouth. The edges around the gap quickly coagulated into two plump, pink lips.

“Aaaaahnn!”, she gasped, taking her first breaths while shooting up into a sitting position. Her ample chest bobbed up and down as she chugged down air, shoulders tickled by her medium-length blonde locks. The completion of her head meant that the transformation was now complete.

“Greetings, Alyssa Brooks!”, the computer girl’s voice echoed throughout the mechanical womb, “How do you feel?” Fast as lightning, Alyssa retracted her hand from her crotch, crossed her legs, and covered her breasts, realizing someone was likely watching her.

Alyssa paused for a moment before responding, “I…feel wonderful. Absholutely wonderful!” Her voice wasn’t quite what she’d been expecting, consisting of a light Dutch accent with a cute, subtle lisp. It caused her to giggle with joy. She truly did feel happy; so very happy to be Alyssa.

“Your new vitals are as follows, Miss Brooks: Name: Alyssa Brooks - Sex: Female - Height: 5 feet 2 inches - Weight: 120 pounds - Ethnicity: Caucasian - Hair Color: Blonde - Breast Size: C-cup. These vitals are meant to ease you into your new life and are not comprehensive. A more detailed summary will be provided upon your release. Now, please exit the machine and we will allow you a choice of clothing and a stipend to allow you to purchase whatever else you need for your new body.”

Her New Life:

Alyssa left the facility that day with the largest smile on her face that any girl -ever- had. Passing the men who were still waiting in line for their turn, she gave them a quick wink. She wondered how each of them would turn out. Were they ready to become women? She remembered that not all her men had been, but they didn’t really matter any longer, did they? Alyssa was all that remained of them now, and she loved her new life.

However, each man did play a key part in the development of Alyssa’s personality. The majority of the men had been geeks, so the girl quickly found herself enamored with all things super heroes, video games, fantasy, and science fiction. She capitalized on this passion by combining it with a love for writing and an appreciation for the arts – most notably, theatre. 

In less than a year Alyssa had penned a brilliant stage play about one of her favorite female video game heroes: Samus Aran. In less than two years she was both directing the first stage performance of “Metroid the Musical” and acting in the play as the lead herself. After all, she had more than a passing resemblance to the heroine now – blonde, physically fit, and -very- attractive. The only complications were her lisp and accent, but the experience from one of her past lives allowed her to rapidly learn to suppress it while performing. She even further combated the issue by adapting the play simultaneously into Dutch, which she found herself innately fluent in.

Some Alpha critics commented that Alyssa’s casting in the role was almost poetic. Everyone had originally assumed Samus to be a man until she took off her helmet to show the woman beneath. The Alpha program had similarly stripped so many men of their male “armor” to reveal the women -they- had within. This was no coincidence, as Alyssa had written her play as a metaphor on her own transformation and how grateful she was for it. As an example, the Second Act would see her lose Samus’ iconic original armor and prance around in a tight, blue body suit – Samus’ Zero Suit. This not just because it was hot – which it was – but also because it showed how comfortable and accepting of her new, feminine form she’d become. She wanted to show that there was nothing wrong or weak about being girly, even if you had once been the exact opposite. 

With her heavy involvement in video game culture and thousands of pictures of her plump ass in blue spandex plastered across the internet, it didn’t take long for Alyssa to become a celebrity in the geek-o-sphere. Many Alpha and non-Alpha geeks alike fought for a chance to meet her in person. Others resigned themselves to forums where they passed along pictures of her and described, in very explicit detail, what they’d like to do to her – often in bed, but just as often -not-. Alyssa liked to trawl through their comments on occasion. It was exciting having millions of men, and even a few hundred thousand women, lusting over her. 

She saw their attraction to her as a victory – that they could look past the fact she had once been a man (Well, five men) meant the Alpha program was obviously a success. This was also the primary criticism of her detractors, however, who saw her success as propaganda meant to hide the “horrible human rights violations” associated with forcibly transforming people. They claimed it made the process seem without fault; something to look forward to. Checking again the comments made about Alyssa, perhaps they were right: “I hope I have an ass like that if I get Alpha’d into a woman.”, one male poster wrote. “If I could pick one Alpha to become? It’d definitely be her. FUCK! Why couldn’t I have been in -her- batch?”, another man lamented. Alyssa didn’t let the critics get her down though. After all, was men wanting to be her or like her really such a big issue? She didn’t think so.

In her personal time, Alyssa liked to get away from the cameras and excitement of her newfound fame. She had fallen in love with one of the male technicians who was working behind the scenes at her first performance and the two instantly became inseparable. He was a non-Alpha, but when his selection notice came the two decided to marry. Already a celebrity by that time and surprisingly well versed in legal matters thanks to a former life, Alyssa was able to leverage her influence and conviction to persuade authorities to grant her Husband an exemption. Some called her a hypocrite for it, but she didn’t care. She was just happy to be able to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved. A man who accepted that within her curves were five other men, transformed largely against their will into the beautiful woman that was Alyssa.

Following the success of “Metroid the Musical”, Alyssa and her husband purchased their own vineyard. What started out as merely a hobby soon grew into a full-fledged winemaking business. They didn’t seek to be the biggest or the best, as Alyssa was already busy enough with constant performances and convention appearances, but the couple enjoyed seeing the fruits of their combined labors. It would serve as the perfect precursor to another combined labor. After approximately six years together Alyssa began developing a subtle baby bump. Finding out she was pregnant was an incredible revelation. She would soon be a mother! She would soon give birth to a -child-! There was -nothing- more feminine than that. The importance hadn’t hit her until then. This was what she’d been craving all along. True validation that her past lives were completely behind her. There was -nothing- male about an expectant mother. With her husband taking her in his arms, overjoyed at the news, Alyssa finally felt complete. -This- was the life she was always meant to have. Why would anyone -ever- try to fight it?

*Whelp, I know it was long but I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think! And stay tuned! My plan is to merge everyone who posts an application in time! Be sure to get one in on the main Alpha Program post! Thanks! <3*