Saturday, December 10, 2016

Which Sister is Witch?

Dating a witch comes with a unique set of problems. Specifically, when she starts to get bored of you.

Brad had been nervous about Michelle’s newest idea to “spice up their love life”, but things had been getting a little stale lately even despite her magical powers. He figured he’d already had to get used to trying new things with her in his life though. What was one more?

Still, she hadn’t turned him into a woman before – and certainly not an exact copy of herself! But just like previous transformations, he found that stepping into her skin and mind felt…natural. Brad faded away as Michaela stepped into reality. Aside from lacking magic, she was as perfect a twin as possible – looking, thinking, feeling, and desiring -exactly- what Michelle did. Unfortunately for Brad, -he- wasn’t the man either desired any longer.

Just as becoming her had been, it felt perfectly natural for the two to invite Brad’s best friend Evan over for some “fun”. It then felt perfectly natural to strip for him, exposing their beautiful, twinned bodies. It was even perfectly natural for Michaela to ride her former friend to climax, the girl moaning and gasping as his cock pulsed within, her brand new pussy filling with a soft heat…

Michelle’s spell had certainly had its intended effect and she had no intention of reversing it. Michaela knew she didn’t and loved her for it. Brad was so boring! Did he have an awesome sister, a killer ass, and a closet full of cute clothes? Nope! She never even wanted to think about that dark time of her life again.

The three continued their polyamorous relationship after that night, but it wasn’t long before Michaela started to show a baby bump. Michelle realized that their three-way relationship was about to become -very- complicated, so she decided it was time for her to move on. However, before leaving she used another spell to remove any memory of her involvement in the relationship and to ensure that Michaela and Evan would -never- fall out of love. She wanted their child, her niece or nephew, to grow up in a loving home free from strife or divorce. When Evan inevitably proposed to Michaela he still had no idea that behind her beautiful face and supple body was Brad – now totally and completely infatuated with the thought of becoming a loving wife and mother.

The bride was positively glowing on her wedding day, tightly stuffed into a wedding dress that hugged both her pregnant and otherwise womanly curves. Michelle was so happy for her sister, even if they’d technically only been siblings for a few months. Inspired by Michaela's joy, the witch resolved that her next man would be “the one”…Even if she had to use a little magical influence to make him that way…

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