Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Connor leaned in and gave Elise’s ass a quick peck, “I love you, Mom. Love you, Dad.”

“Oh my god...You -really- need to stop doing that.”, Elise forcefully demanded while flipping the page of her magazine, “I thought you were tired of them telling you to either go to college or get a job. You said it was okay if I absorbed them into my ass. They’re gone, Connor. Nonexistent. You’re just talking to my butt…”

Connor stared deeply into the soft roundness of Elise’s rear end. Her cheeks had grown fuller with the addition of his parents. He appreciated the pertness of her new backside, but he also found himself missing his family for the first time in his life. Had he made a mistake?

“Yeah, I guess. But…some part of me just hopes they’re still in there, somewhere…You know? That they're happy.”, he answered, a bit sullen.

Elise looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend, her expression joyfully naughty, “Do you think they like the way you spank them when we fuck?”

Connor blushed, laughing nervously at her irreverence. Maybe he did need to take a cue from her and just accept the situation...

Pouncing atop her, he straddled her rear. With one swift motion, he delivered a powerful smack into her pillowy back cushion. The force caused Elise to squeak with surprised glee as her cheeks happily jiggled for a moment before settling back into place.

“I’m not sure about them, but I -know- that -you- do…”, Connor announced with confidence. Elise felt a growing wetness as he quickly removed her panties and rubbed his now exposed cock between her buns. She could tell he was really enjoying how much bigger they were now. She liked that too. Maybe they’d both like it if she were even a little bigger? There had to be some other annoying people around…

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