Monday, December 5, 2016

A Test of Temptation - Part 2

“Come on! Stay with me!”, Jeffrey shouted as he took her by the hand. The two sprinted away as fast as they could, but before they could get far the air around them began to spark and pop. Dylan help the shivering girl as a bright white light blinded and engulf them. Suddenly, they felt as though they were as light as air. Everything went quiet and still.

When the two awoke, they found themselves in the Sorcerer’s Grand Study greeted by none other than the Sorcerer himself. He commended Dylan for his loyalty and compassion. The Sorcerer had seen both his battle with temptation and his triumph over it. He was more than honored to immediately offer Dylan the arcane tutelage he'd come there seeking – the young man was sure to be a worthy successor.

Dylan was ecstatic, but he couldn’t help but worry for Jeffrey. She was still a…-she-. What was to become of her?

“Good point! Why don’t we just ask her?”, the Sorcerer quipped like a playful Grandfather before turning to the attentive beauty, “ Well, are you ready to return to your former self, young lady?”

Jeffrey smiled, her cheeks a rosy red, “Oh no, of course not. Please, call me Jennifer now! I want to stay with Dylan forever, just like he said. I’m so proud of him!”

The Sorcerer and Dylan looked to each other, dumbfounded. Perhaps the Sorcerer shouldn’t have made the girls -quite- so suggestible. Even the most innocent of comments had convinced Jeffrey to give up his masculinity for life as a doting girlfriend. This complicated things. If that was the life she now wished to live, then it would be wrong for them to use magic to change her mind. This would be the first of many lessons the Sorcerer would teach to his young apprentice - reality is what you make of it. It's not your plaything, it's your responsibility.

The mage instructed Dylan to take good care of Jennifer as he quickly removed the suggestibility curse. She would serve as a reminder of just how quickly magic can spiral out of control if one isn’t careful. Dylan would never forget Jeffrey’s pleas to spare him from this fate, but Jennifer constantly found ways to help him push them to the back of his mind. The way she smiled. The way her body moved. The way she felt when the two made love. Dylan hoped that one day his love for her would make up for his mistake. It was this constant selflessness that assured the Sorcerer he’d made the right decision.

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