Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Test of Temptation - Part 1

“Ohmygod!”, Jeffrey gasped through her fingers. She and Dylan were shocked by what they saw as they came around the corner. In the middle of the room, Liam and Samuel were busy face-fucking the two girls Ethan and John had been transformed into. Each man and former man had come to the mansion to become one of the Sorcerer’s newest apprentices, but none had been prepared for what awaited them.

The Sorcerer knew well the dangers of magic falling into the wrong hands. He was passionate in belief that only those who could resist temptation were worthy of arcane power. Thus, he devised a test for his hopeful students – First, he narrowed the candidates down. Of the six who’d arrived he picked out the three with the most powerful innate magical ability. The weaker three became pawns in his test, each magically shapeshifted against their will into the dream girl of one of the stronger men. More than that, he altered their minds to be totally submissive to their former friends. With but a single word they could be made to do anything the men desired. Normally, he'd be against such forced alteration, but the consequences of picking an unethical student were serious enough that he felt the ends justified the means.

Terrified, Jeffrey looked back at Dylan and begged, “Babe…Damnit, why can’t I stop calling you that?! Ugh…Just, please…Please don’t do that to me! I don’t want to be stuck like this!” She was nearly crying.

The Sorcerer had only partially explained the rules of his test – if any man were to force his dream girl to make love to him in any capacity they would never change back. They could keep her as a gift from him regardless of the decision to take them on as a student or not. Initially, all the men had sworn they wouldn’t and couldn’t do such a thing. It was clear now, from all the slurping and sucking, what a liars Liam and Samuel had been. They had no idea that their decision to make Ethan and John into these women permanently had already cost them any shot at the Sorcerer's knowledge. It was vital that they didn't know; he wanted to see them for who they -truly- were.

Dylan couldn't help but think about commanding Jeffrey to bend over and making her his girl -forever-. They were just thoughts though; no one was perfect. He was too good of a friend to do something like that. Dylan knew seeing the women so fervently blowing the men was traumatic for Jeffrey. She must have been envisioning herself in their shoes, fearing she'd soon be joining them on the sofa to service her new "master". They needed to get away, and fast.

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