Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Kinder, Gentler Prison

Officer Ellis Morgan discovered his ability to control minds by accident as he was chasing down a young thief named Tyrell with a literal shapeshifting ability. The young black man attempted to dodge Officer Morgan by transforming into his favorite getaway body – that of a young white woman out for a run. Unfortunately, the beautiful girl looked inviting and helpful, prompting the officer to ask her about his quarry.

“Sorry to bother you, miss, but have you seen this man? I believe he ran through here.”, he questioned her, offering up a photo of Tyrell.

The girl took one look at the picture and quite bluntly responded, “Of course I have, officer! That’s me!”

Officer Morgan’s confusion was palpable. However, upon continued interrogation he convinced Tyrell to demonstrate his power, the buxom blonde’s curves straightening into the thug’s muscled exterior – her soft snow white skin replaced with a rough mocha. When asked why he’d reveal his identity and ability despite having the perfect way out, Tyrell responded equally as blunt as before, “Well, because you asked me to. I don’t know why, but I just feel like I need to do whatever you say.”

Though he didn’t understand it at the time, Officer Morgan wasn’t about pass up the opportunity to further evaluate such an odd situation, “Alright, how about you turn back into the woman you were a minute ago, then?”

In an instant, Tyrell faded away. Breasts and ass blossomed. Hair cascaded down in brilliant blonde. Skin softened and grew pale white. His thuggish hoodie and hanging jeans tightened up to hug her per rear and supple body. It was hard to imagine that a man was still inside of her somewhere.

Morgan couldn’t help but find her astonishingly attractive. “You’re quite beautiful like this, you know.”, he complimented her, genuinely. Were it not for her true form he’d probably ask her out. But wait…Tyrell had said he’d have to do whatever Morgan instructed. The officer had an idea about how to stop the thief once and for all.

“So, what would happen if I told you to stay as her forever?”, Officer Morgan probed further.
The woman tilted her head to the side quizzically, “I…I -would- stay this way forever if you said to. I don’t want that though, officer. You know that I’m really a man. I couldn’t be a woman.”

“Yes you can.”, the officer interrupted, “And you -want- to be this woman. No, you -are- this woman. In fact, your name is Megan and you’re my new girlfriend. My new, totally law-abiding girlfriend who’s crazy about me. And you’ll only use your shapeshifting ability if I ask you to. How does that sound?”

The woman’s eyes glazed over for a moment, followed by a sudden pop back into reality, “Oh babe, that sounds wonderful! Uhm…When do you get off work? You look great in that uniform, but probably -even better- out of it…”

Officer Morgan shook his head in disbelief, his cheeks glowing red. Below, blood was rushing into something much more rigid. But…had it -really- worked? He wanted to test one more thing, “Say, do you think you could use your ability to plump up your ass a little bit? I like a girl with a nice backside.”

Megan smiled and looked over her shoulder at her rear end. Both watched as it ballooned outward a few sizes. She was soon sporting even more of an hourglass figure than before, her ass pillowy but firm. “How’s that, babe? Do you like it better?”, she asked with a giggle. Wide-eyed, Officer Ellis fumbled for his radio. He couldn’t wait until his shift was over – he needed to take her as soon as possible. Calling in his lunch-break, the two found one of the more secluded spots on his patrol and settled into the back seat together for some fun. With the patrol car rocking back and forth, he got his confirmation that she was now his woman.

Officer Morgan would go on to use his ability for more noble causes, but he was still proud of the day he created Megan. After all, the men’s prison system was nowhere near good enough to create such a fine young woman out of a felon.

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