Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Friendly Get-Together

“Aren’t we -friends-, Kevin? Don’t you want to be with all your -friends-?”, the girl pleaded, pressing her naked form up against the glass, “We just want you to join in. We can’t wait to see how you’ll change us!”

-Rachel-. She sounded like Rachel. She -was- Rachel…Or at least it had all started with her, though why escaped any answer. Kevin recognized all her victims from her new looks, though. The woman, whoever she was now, had Melanie’s smile and lips, Oliver’s long locks of hair, Nathan’s kind eyes, and Brittany’s perfect breasts. One by one, she’d cornered them and merged her body with each of theirs. The resulting girl looked akin to a daughter from five parents – and she seemed keen on making Kevin into the sixth.

He had to admit, there was something disarming about her. Kevin’s fears faded the more he looked her beautiful form over. She was -gorgeous-; certainly the best combination of parts that could have possibly resulted from the fusion of all his friends. He realized then that he too could be a part of that beauty. Approaching the door handle, he found himself wondering what his own contribution to her would possibly be. Perhaps she’d take on his freckles? Girls with freckles were super cute! Or maybe she’d suddenly become a redhead? He imagined she’d be hot as a redhead, especially if she got his freckles too. Kevin knew he could help make that girl a reality, he just had to be willing to open the door…

Never be afraid to open the door to a new life. Kevin wasn’t, and now he’s part of a much happier woman.


  1. Is there gonna be a part 2 to this?

    1. Hey!

      I don't currently have a Part 2 planned for this one, but you never know! Just depends on if I find the right picture to inspire going back to this story.