Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Newlife Crisis

“Harold…? What have you done?!”, Ellen demanded.

The sexy little blond flipped her hair with satisfaction before correcting the woman, “It’s Brittany now, sweetie. Brittany Branford. The new transformation clinics can do some pretty amazing things, huh?” With a joyous pep, the girl turned in a circle, flaunting her lithe, half-naked body. She continued explaining, “Mr. Branford has promised me an amazing life by agreeing to be changed into his dream girl. It’s time for -me- to be waited on hand-and-foot! It’s time for -me- to be able to stay home all day while -my man- keeps me in comfort! And -unlike you-, I’m going to make sure he -always- knows how much I appreciate him!”

Ellen was dumfounded, “Great Harold! Just -fucking- great! And what do you expect us to do while you’re running around living out your midlife crisis as your boss’ dumb little whore?”
Brittany rolled her eyes; these kinds of hissy-fits were exactly one of the reasons why she’d wanted to leave. She couldn’t have predicted her way out would be a life of wearing bras and panties, but it seemed the best option available.

Ignoring Ellen as best she could, Brittany turned her attention to her former son, Lance. In an almost bi-polar fashion, her voice became alluringly sweet, “Well, I don’t know about what -that bitch- will be doing, Lance, but Mr. Branford was kind enough to extend his offer to you. How would you like to become my twin? Oh, pleeeeassssse?, “ she pleaded, hands held tightly together just above her pussy as she bounced slightly in desperation, “It’d be so much fun! Gorgeous twin wives living the life of luxury with our millionaire husband! I love you and want you to join me, buddy. I only want what’s be for you…for us.”

Ellen’s mouth now seemed permanently affixed to the floor. Lance held his head in confusion. “Trophy wife” was never something Lance thought he’d grow up to be, but now he was seriously considering giving up his entire life to become one. What would his girlfriend think? What would she tell people when everyone else went back to college after the summer? 

"Where’s Lance?"

"Oh, probably getting pounded by her new husband."

Just being presented with the opportunity felt so surreal…so wrong…but also so -amazing-. A life without worry, pain, or disappointment. He knew it was too good to pass up, even if it meant becoming a woman - becoming the -same woman- his father had. He'd met Mr. Branford before and knew he was a good man; a lonely philanthropist whose wife died in a horrible car accident years ago. He knew they’d be well taken care of, only needing to make sure they took good care of him in return.

Resolving himself, Lance stepped down and took Brittany by her delicate awaiting hand. He decided he did want the new life offered to him. Paying no heed to Ellen’s ravings, the two happily walked out the door of the home for the final time. It didn’t belong to them any longer. -They- didn’t belong to -her- any longer. They were Mr. Branford’s now…

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Very Cocky Girl

“Oooooh ho, ho….Wait, what?…You -really- want me to become your -cock-?”, the gorgeous brunette gasped as she spun around to see her Master eagerly pointing to his junk.

Julian smirked, “I wasn’t kidding when I said I'd turn you into a slutty clone of Megan, was I? You were a good fuck, especially for a chick who used to be a guy, but I don’t need you anymore. With your help, I found the confidence to ask the -real- Megan out…And she said -yes-! I can’t have her running into -herself- when she comes over. Can’t change you back into Martin either though, sorry.”, he sighed with a half-hearted shrug, “Babe…I know you love me right now, but he…-you- would not be happy with me after all the things we've done together. So, I’m gonna fuck you one last time. Doggy style. You're gonna merge with my dick, and by the time I finish with you my cum will be shooting out of those pretty little lips of yours. Sound like fun?”

“Hmm…Kind of a shame to turn a hot body like mine into nothing more than a -thick-, -veiny- dick, isn't it?", she flaunted herself, tightly pressing her breasts together. "But sure, Master, so long as you promise I’ll get to be -inside- Megan’s body again soon!”, Megan giggled, pleased with herself for thinking up the innuendo. The poor girl seemed completely unappreciative of the fact she’d soon be unable to think at all.

Her cocky Master responded in kind, “Don’t worry, we’ll fill her up good, babe. And I’ll -feel you- up good tonight just thinking about her!” The plan should have been disturbing, but in her magically altered state Megan was nothing but horny. She was more than ready to become a permanent addition to her Master's body.

Julian would never forget the way Megan gagged as the spell took effect later that night. She’d looked back at him, a milky substance dripping from her mouth as the girl’s every curve quickly devolved into a smooth, manly shaft. The fluids had flowed through her newly developing internal structure, lips never touching his penis, instead -becoming it-. Her breasts grew massively engorged, slowly sliding down her new cylindrical form to where her feet had already merged with Julian's groin. Settling in, they hung looser, their formerly perky tightness giving way to wrinkles and hair.

Her new body jerked and spasmed heavily as Julian finally climaxed, her form falling limp on the bed. Any trace of the woman had fully disappeared. The mushroomy tip of Julian’s dick, once Megan’s face, lay in the pool of spooge it had delivered. The only remaining step was for it to shrink to a reasonable size. Julian was slightly disappointed to lose his Megan-sized cock, but he swore he still turned out a little bigger than before. He certainly couldn't complain, and neither could the real Megan when he met up with her the following evening.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Friendly Get-Together

“Aren’t we -friends-, Kevin? Don’t you want to be with all your -friends-?”, the girl pleaded, pressing her naked form up against the glass, “We just want you to join in. We can’t wait to see how you’ll change us!”

-Rachel-. She sounded like Rachel. She -was- Rachel…Or at least it had all started with her, though why escaped any answer. Kevin recognized all her victims from her new looks, though. The woman, whoever she was now, had Melanie’s smile and lips, Oliver’s long locks of hair, Nathan’s kind eyes, and Brittany’s perfect breasts. One by one, she’d cornered them and merged her body with each of theirs. The resulting girl looked akin to a daughter from five parents – and she seemed keen on making Kevin into the sixth.

He had to admit, there was something disarming about her. Kevin’s fears faded the more he looked her beautiful form over. She was -gorgeous-; certainly the best combination of parts that could have possibly resulted from the fusion of all his friends. He realized then that he too could be a part of that beauty. Approaching the door handle, he found himself wondering what his own contribution to her would possibly be. Perhaps she’d take on his freckles? Girls with freckles were super cute! Or maybe she’d suddenly become a redhead? He imagined she’d be hot as a redhead, especially if she got his freckles too. Kevin knew he could help make that girl a reality, he just had to be willing to open the door…

Never be afraid to open the door to a new life. Kevin wasn’t, and now he’s part of a much happier woman.