Monday, November 7, 2016

Changes & Transformations

"Go back? And why would I want to do that?", Za'rek mocked his companions, "Back to being that skinny little nerd Ryan? Back to being a nobody? No. This isn't our D&D game anymore! That spellbook made this world as real as our old one, and I choose -this- reality. Let it be known, I am now and forever Za'rek, God of the Battlefield!", his roaring declaration was more than enough to intimidate.

Riyalah loved watching him put the lesser men in their place. His passion and confidence made her body tingle with desire. She wouldn't have been upset had Za'rek wanted to take her right then and there in front of them. She loved being draped over his lap, but what she truly craved was to rub herself up and down the well-toned body beneath her. 'All good things in time', she sighed internally.

Za'rek continued his rant, "Don't think you’re taking Brian back -either-; I enjoy him lot a more as this little whore. I used that spell to turn him into my bitch for a reason. She’s payment for all the -shit- he did to me as DM. I doubt there's even much of him left in her anyway.", he smiled, brimming with confidence, "Know this: tonight I'm going to -fuck- any of the remaining bits out, tomorrow I'll make her my wife, and then, one day, my many children will be born from her supple loins." he paused for a moment, staring the other three men down, "And the best part? There's -nothing- any of you can do to stop me."

Riyalah turned to look at her man just in time to watch his strong hand slip between her shapely thighs. His branwy grip on her smooth, empty groin sent shockwaves of pleasure cascading through her stomach and legs. Holding her there tightly, claiming his territory, Za'rek spoke one last time, "So, I’m gonna stay here and enjoy Brian’s new pussy...-You- go back."

Riyalah could only nod in agreement. She simply -couldn’t wait- to be alone with her lover.