Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Racked With Pleasure

“You remember the terms of our deal, don't you, Jeremy? Or…should I call you Allison now?”, a hollow, unearthly voice filled the buxom-blonde’s mind, “The five years of life as a woman that I granted you are now up. Per our contract, your body and soul officially belong to -me-. Are you ready to become my newest play-toy?” Of course she wasn’t, but what choice did she have? There was no way out of a deal with a demon. 

A sudden pleasure began massing within her chest. Her hands greeted it, uncontrollably caressing her enormous breasts in anticipation. She felt her sense of self melt away, relenting control over to the demon’s perverted whims. He seemed pleased with her submission, “Good girl. Now, I know what a fan you are of those tits you requested…How about I get rid of all the unnecessary parts and just make you into a gigantic pair of breasts? Would you like that?”

Allison was so lost in ecstasy that all she could muster was a breathy, unconcerned, “Yeah…" Suddenly, her chest exploded with growth. Blooming breasts stood in stark contrast to the rest of her body, slowly withering away. Arms, legs, head - each totally subsumed into what had once been her best assets; now her -only- assets. All that remained of Allison was torn clothing and a disembodied pair of human-sized breasts. Plopped awkwardly in the middle of the room, they looked like a sort of fleshy bean bag sofa. 

The demon left them there for a long while, enjoying the confusion it caused Allison’s family and friends when they arrived home. Quite reasonably, they had no explanation for how a beautiful young woman could suddenly be reduced to a pile of tit-flesh. More concernedly, anyone who touched their bare skin to it was rapidly pulled in and absorbed, the jiggly mass growing ever larger with their addition. The first two victims were her husband and a co-worker who failed to save him – the breasts bouncing frantically as the two settled into the new bulbous form they now shared with Allison.

Appropriately terrified, the humans eventually decided that destruction was the only option…something the demon wasn’t about to allow. He whisked the breasts away to his lair before any harm could be done to his new favorite creation, and it is there they sit to this very day, longing to absorb other hapless fools who make poor deals with the demon.


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe, I'm glad that one of my stranger ideas worked for you! Strange can be fun! I'll describe why I personally like it: were the scenario real, I imagine it'd be quite a mind-trip. Imagine being confronted with a reality where this happened to a girl you know. Imagine all of her potential, emotional complexity, and personality gone in an instant as she becomes nothing more than a singular manifestation of her womanhood - her breasts. Now, add yourself into the scenario. Think about the fact that if you were to just -touch- them you could become part of that manifestation of her womanly beauty as well. It's basically literal breast worship with a transformation/absorption twist, though I don't think Allison's husband or his friend really wanted to become her tits. Poor things! Oh well! That's life when you're written into one of my TG captions! ;D

    2. Kinda sounds like one of my fantasies. In it, I basically create a perfect female mannequin. She's so perfect that I become enamored with her (obsessed even). I start adding more to her, and then decide that it isn't enough. I desperately search for a way to bring her to life by any means. Which ends up with me merging into the mannequin itself. She isn't alive exactly, but I sort of become a hive mind. Leading people into their doom by calling them to the mannequin, merging others into me.

    3. Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna use this pic too. See what I can come up with.

    4. Certainly! I just found it somewhere myself, so feel free!

      And your fantasy sounds really fun and similar to one I've had since very young. I used to used to pretend that my smaller GI Joes were captured for / convinced to become part of a secret project that required them to be merged together to create a giant person. The person they became was always a woman - one of the larger female toys I had laying around.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your fantasy! =D