Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Happy Couple

“So when’s the happy couple getting here?”, Alex asked as he finished setting up the expensive equipment for his first photo-shoot since being hired on.

“It’ll be any minute now.”, his boss, Wesley, replied while fine tuning the lenses, “Just need to test the focus…Can you and Ian step out in front for a second?”

Alex had just met Ian earlier, but he seemed like a nice enough guy. Ian said he was looking forward to getting to know him, which Alex appreciated. Being new in town, Alex didn’t have any other guys he could hang with yet. Maybe Ian was his ticket into getting to know the locals? Maybe he knew some cute girls, even?

Regardless, following Wesley’s instructions, the two assistants walked a few paces out. Suddenly, Ian gently took Alex by the hand. Before he could pull away, Wesley demanded his attention, “Alex! Look over here!”


The camera’s shutter felt mesmerizing. Alexis suddenly felt very dizzy and…not at all like herself. Where was she again? Why did her stomach feel so heavy? Oh, of course! She was pregnant! And was her and Ian’s and maternity shoot! Oof, that must have been one hell of a woozy spell…She had no idea pregnancy could be so rough!

“Are you ok, sweetie?”, Ian asked with heavy concern.

“Oh…uhm, yeah, I’ll be ok, honey! I’m so excited to be here with you!”, she was practically bouncing with giddiness.

“Ok you two, now for your first pose. How about something really tender?”, Wesley proposed. Ian swept around the back of Alexis and pulled her tight, one hand roaming the contours of her expansive, gorgeously pregnant belly. She felt so safe in his arms. “Ah, there’s our happy couple! Ok, one…two…three!”


With the first picture taken, Ian pulled back after quickly kissing Alexis’ smooth neck and shot a subtle wink to Wesley. Wesley smiled and returned it. His magical camera was better than any philosopher's stone. Who needs gold when you can create love and beauty out of thin air? He chose not to ponder on Alex would have wanted this or not. All that mattered now was Ian and Alexis, and the couple clearly couldn’t have been happier.

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