Monday, October 3, 2016


“So…I guess you know then…”, Peter interrupted from the doorway.

Veronica turned back and smiled at the young salesman. Gently, she closed the pages she’d been reading through and stood, placing Peter’s journal down where she had been seated. She stepped up to the him, her hips swinging seductively beneath her low-cut gray skirt, “You write about some really weird shit, you know? Is this some weird fetish? You ‘combined Denise and Mark together to create Veronica’ your ‘perfect boss and girlfriend’? That’s really fucking strange…but also kinda hot. I like you writing me into your porn fantasies.”

Peter was taken aback. She thought it was all just some perverted story? And…she was cool with it? That fusion and reality alteration spell had been worth every dollar.

“Well then, Petey-boy, how about I make your fantasies come true?”, Veronica said, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, “Why don’t the…four of us…have some fun? That bossy-bitch Denise was always fucking you over, now you can fuck her…And your friend Mark? He wants to thank you for the promotion to both CEO and hottie…”

Though Veronica thought the journal was just a story, Peter knew that every word was true. He hadn’t meant for her to find his log, but it had made things even better than he’d imagined. Having a beautiful young woman begging you to fuck her while pretending to be your transformed best friend and former witch of a boss was incredibly kinky and fun...especially when she really had been both of them at one time! And through Veronica, he’d get to have both of them at one time whenever he wanted…


  1. Love it!!! You should totally do more Merging caps!

    1. Thanks! You can bet that I will! I love stories that include merging!