Sunday, October 9, 2016

From Pooch To Perfection

“Ok…What’s with all the dogs…?”, Milo was almost too afraid to ask. He -really- didn't want to deal with this after working all day.

“Oh! I’m surprised you don’t recognize them! These are all our friends! This brown one? She used to be Rachel! And the cutie-patootie on my lap? Say ‘Hi’ to the new Erik!”, Aimi replied, clearly pleased with herself. Milo, on the other hand, was starting to realize what a huge mistake he’d made. Sure, Quinton’s potent combination of reality altering powers and mental instability meant he was easily influenced - it had been almost too easy to convince him to permanently transform into Milo’s live-in Asian girlfriend, Aimi. However, the consequences of living with a supremely powerful being who was always hovering over the edge of insanity were starting to become apparent.

Milo cautiously approached her, “Are you…planning to change them back eventually?” He tried his best not to appear judgmental. Who knew what she might do if she felt threatened?

Aimi’s head tilted quizzically to the side. She looked as though she was mentally sorting out a puzzle. “Do you think I should? But they’re so fluffy! And they seem so happy! Jake and Megan especially!”, she lowered her voice to a whisper, shielding her mouth from them scandalously, “I always knew those two had a thing! You should have seen them going at it! Silly pooches!" It was impossible for Milo to hide his displeasure any longer. His brow quivered with anger.

“Oh no! You don’t like it, do you?!”, Aimi responded with genuine concern at his annoyance, “Oh, but I know what you -do- like! Asian girls!” With a snap of her fingers the nine dog’s bodies began to twist and reshape. Fur and muzzles receded. Body’s lengthened back into humanoid shapes. Curves blossomed in -all- the right places. Soon, the nine small dogs which had replaced his friends were themselves replaced by an equal number of astoundingly gorgeous Asian women. Though Milo knew he should still be upset, ogling the bevy of beauties Aimi had created practically out of thin air demanded his attention.

Shaking himself out of the trance, he remembered that each girl had once been one of his friends. Did they remember their past selves? “E..Erik? Megan?”, Milo quizzed the group hesitantly. Giggles and lusty, hungry eyes were the only responses he received. It didn’t seem like they did, but at least his friends were human again. He feared the results were he to press the issue and try to get them back to normal. Aimi might misinterpret it and make them into something much, -much- worse. 

He wasn’t yet quite sure, but it seemed he’d suddenly gone from having -one- live-in Asian girlfriend to -ten-. If Aimi were any indication of what they’d be like, he just hoped he’d have the stamina to keep up...

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