Friday, October 7, 2016

Emily's Emergence

“Dude, this is -SO. FUCKING. METAL-!”, Jackson belted out with boyish enthusiasm as he hoisted both unconscious women up onto his shoulders, “These bitches and I were totally fucking rude to you, but soon you’re gonna merge all three of us into your dream girl! I can’t wait to be your bitch! That’s some badass revenge, bro!”

Oliver was pleased to see his mind control spell still working to perfection. The asshole jock was already almost begging for his cock! Too bad he didn’t have a pussy…yet. It was time to change that. Flipping his grimoire to the merging spell, he began to chant. Jackson’s eyes rolled back into his head as he, Anna, and Natalie started producing a dim white light. It grew brighter and brighter still until they were a blinding silhouette. Oliver was forced to shield his eyes. As it shimmered, their individual bodies disappeared into one singular luminous mass. It compressed, getting smaller and slimmer, until finally the brilliance receded.

In the afterglow, only a single figure remained – barely similar to the three that proceeded it. She was a woman, petite, intensely beautiful, and -very- naked. Her eyes were immediately familiar…they were definitely Jackson’s. Her hair long and silky brown…Anna. Her smile caused Oliver’s heart to race with excitement…Natalie. She was all three of her “parents”, and none of them, all at once. Thankfully, the spell ensured that the similarities would only be physical. Though she had the jock’s eyes, there was a demure sweetness behind them that hadn’t been there before. And her body? It moved in a way that only a woman’s could. Clearly it had been a good idea to include the two ladies.

Crawling up onto the bed, she brushed Anna’s locks behind her ears as she eyed Oliver. There was Natalie’s grin again, breathtaking as ever. “Are you…just gonna to stare at me?”, she said with a giggle, “Forget about who I used to be; they’re gone now. Call me…Emily.” She reached a hand out to shake Oliver’s. As he took it, she sprung her trap, pulling him down onto the bed atop her. He quickly got the picture, hesitating only a moment before beginning to smother her body with kisses.

Despite Emily saying not to, Oliver couldn’t stop thinking of the three he’d combined to create her. He -didn’t want- to stop thinking about them, it only made him harder knowing that every moment spent with her was equally spent with them. Every moan of pleasure, every passionate kiss, every bounce of Emily’s breasts - all were part of Jackson's, Anna's, and Natalie's shared experience now as well. A new combined name, body, and personality didn’t change the fact that they still existed within her, -as- her. They -weren’t- gone, merely re-purposed into someone -better-. A beauty who would love and adore Oliver like he deserved, to make up for the past. She'd never treat him like dirt again. Together, she would be so much more than they ever would have been apart.


  1. Another brilliant merge cap! Keep them coming!


    1. Thank you! Keep an eye out! More are sure to follow! <3