Sunday, October 9, 2016

Emergency Magical Technician

Before getting his job as an EMT, Henry had always looked at his magic penis as a curse. It was only recently that he realized it’s true potential as a tool of healing. The ability to transform any man, even one sick and dying, into a perfectly healthy (Though vibrantly sexual) woman was simply too powerful for society to ignore. It was surprisingly easy to convince local governments to set up a registry for those who, in their time of greatest need, give permission to emergency responders to use a magic penis on them as a last resort.

It was always awkward for families to watch their loved one being carted away on a stretcher knowing that they’d soon be meeting the cock-hungry young slut they’d become, but it was better than losing someone you loved completely. It even -improved- relationships in some cases! Take the case of Mr. Lanier, pictured, as an example. The 82 year-old’s withered and dying body quickly reformed into that of a curvy college-aged coed. No longer dying from heart failure, and no longer genetically related, the newly minted blonde finally understood how to connect with her 22 year-old Grandson. Mainly, through lots, and lots, and -lots- of wild sex. Grandma was less than pleased until she found out that she was finally going to get those Great-Grandchildren she’d been waiting for!

Henry didn’t concern himself with what happened to the women he created. All that mattered was that he’d found a way to utilize his unique ability for the betterment of society. After a few years of offering services his success inspired others with his ability to come out of hiding and slowly their operations expanded world-wide. It eventually became such a normal part of life that every man knew it was only a matter of time before they too wrapped their lips around a magical shaft and embraced the woman within.

Over time, a man’s transformation became a celebrated event representing the half-way point of their existence. Like caterpillars waiting to bloom into beautiful butterflies, maleness was now just a stage of life for most. Natural born women, though disadvantaged with shorter lives, became venerated as trusted leaders. Womanhood was viewed as a gift from the Gods, and they had been born into it naturally. This made them superior to those who had to receive the gift from a fellow man. There would be no more strife, no more hate, only love. Love, and lots, and lots, and -lots- of wild sex.

Henry had seen the potential for his cock to heal people, but even he missed its potential to heal the -world-.

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