Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All Dolled Up - Part 2

The transformation began almost instantaneously. A combination of immense pleasure and extreme lightheadedness sent Katie tumbling back onto the arm of the chair behind her. Starting with her toes, her body tensed up as she slowly lost control inch by inch. It would be only moments now before she become a lifeless imitation of Katie. Worse than that, an imitation solely devoted to her physical, sexual attributes. Despite the terror, for some reason she just…Couldn’t. Stop. Moaning.

“Oohhh…ohhhkaaay, Davis…Pleeease…Mmmm…Get…get me -ouuuut- of her….”, she barely managed to mumble between the sensual spasms and constricting fabric. Her hands unconsciously traced the outline of her every womanly curve as she felt the outfit merging with her skin in such an overwhelmingly pleasant way. Mentally, Mike was desperate to leave, but physically Katie’s body never wanted this feeling to end.

Davis chuckled, “Sorry, but this is -way- too fucking hot. And I don’t want to share something I come inside of with another dude. I’m sure you understand…Now, just relax. You won’t have to worry about -anything- soon. You won’t even be able to.” Crossing his arms, he simply watched on as the girl, now mostly a synthetic object, slowly slumped further and further into the chair. Her moans became whimpers, and then finally…silence. No breaths or movements betrayed any signs of remaining life. Katie, and Mike along with her, was now just an inanimate facsimile of what had once been a real woman. 

Face down in the fabric of the chair, her ass and pussy presented and ripe for the taking, Davis couldn’t resist. He stepped up behind her and unzipped his pants. He was -very- excited to test her out. Lifting her up by her wide hips, it was surprising how lifelike she felt. Even more surprising though? How deliciously soft and wet her pussy felt wrapped around his member as he took her from behind. The shop owner hadn’t been kidding when he said magical sex-dolls were so much better than anything else on the market. Sure, it had meant sacrificing one of his friends, but he could always make more. And more "friends" meant more opportunities…more potential “Katies”…

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