Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stealing Her Breast Features

“Oh -fuck no-! Dude, Chiharu has her eyes set on Greg’s new tits! Hurry! Use…use that thing to get him the hell out of there!”, Kyle yelled, flying into a panic at the scene playing out on their TV. A naked anime babe feeling up another cartoon cutie would have been really hot under other circumstances, but here there were two problems. First, the girl getting her boobs played with was really their -male- friend Greg. He had somehow been transplanted into the world of the anime they’d been watching as a new female character thanks to a strange remote they’d found. Second, the girl groping her was none other than Chiharu Miyutome, the woman secretly responsible a number of mysterious disappearances of female students around the university campus...And it looked like Greg was about to be her newest victim.

Fumbling with the remote, Chris desperately pressed every button once and then once more. “SHIT! It’s not working! I don’t even know how the remote sent him in there in the first place!", he shot back in frustration. 

The two could see just from her face that Greg understood the peril of her situation. It was even more apparent in the quaking of her delicate, feminine voice, “K…Kyle?! Chris?! Help me! PLEASE! I don’t want to be absorbed!”

That this girl knew what was about to happen surprised Chiharu - no one should have known! But…there was a new -thrill- in having prey that was fully aware of its impending fate. Chiharu smiled deviously, whispering in Greg's ear, “Who are Kyle and Chris? Strange names. Do you have a couple gaijin boyfriends, new girl? Hrm…that means once you’re long gone inside of -me- they’ll be back on the market, huh? I wonder if they’ll still recognize these delicious breasts of yours when they’re hanging from my chest? Come to think of it, I'm ready for that to be -now-. Bye-bye!" Her farewell was sickeningly sweet, a perfect mix of sugar and serial killer.

“KYAAAAAAAA!”, Greg screamed in typical anime girl fashion as a bright light engulfed the screen. When the animated fog finally cleared only one woman remained: Chiharu Miyutome. Giggling madly, the woman tightly hugged her animated breasts in satisfaction. Kyle and Chris could tell that they were much larger now; the same size and shape as their animated friend's had been. There was no question – Greg was now just one of many anime babes that Chiharu would absorb to enhance her features over the course of the show. 

Even with rewinding and trying again, the two couldn't change anything. All they could do was watch over and over as their friend became part of Chiharu forever. Still, they knew there might be hope if they could get the remote working once again, but it would be a dangerous chance to take. After all, just look what it did to Greg...Who was to say they wouldn’t meet a similar fate?


  1. Another original and hot caption. Loved it.

    1. Thank you! Glad you found it original! I try to think outside of the box sometimes, but it can be difficult.