Tuesday, September 6, 2016

King Arthur

Arthur had seen enough corny movies about a guy who clones himself to understand the biggest pitfall: just making a bunch of copies of yourself -always- falls apart. An army of "yous" running around is simply too obvious - he'd have to be more inventive than that.

Thankfully, he stumbled upon the perfect solution in the same book he'd found the cloning spell...Body Possession! It was brilliant! His copies could use the possession spell to hide as others! They would steal legitimate personas that no one would be able to question, thereby allowing them to exist in near-total secrecy. And a possession spell presented some interesting possibilities...What if he had all of his clones take over the bodies of beautiful women? A life surrounded by gorgeous babes who were interested in all the same things he was? What a dream!

As it turns out, the first two clones he created thought it was a great idea too! What a coincidence! However, the group hit an impasse in deciding exactly -which- Arthur would get to -stay- Arthur. Artie-Prime, as the original had taken to calling himself, argued that the decision belonged to him; after all, the other two wouldn't have even existed without his work! His clones didn't buy it though, standing in solidarity that each was just as much "Arthur" as the original. Try as he might, Artie-Prime couldn't fault the logic; a perfect clone was just that - identical in every way. He was forced into a compromise.

It was decided that they would draw straws. The two who drew short would have to go out and find a cute girl to possess while the winner would get to stay as Arthur...At least until challenged for his position again by the next group of clones.

Artie-Prime drew with trepidation. Statistically, he knew that even if he didn't get the short straw this time it was bound to happen eventually. He nervously compared his straw with his copies. The first clone's was short. "Good.", Artie-Prime thought. That one was going to become a girl.

Now, for the second clone's straw...long. It meant he'd stolen the right to remain Arthur. Seeing this, Artie-Prime wondered if he was really ready to fulfill his part of the obligation. Could he truly become nothing more than eye-candy for this usurper? He still didn't think that having his life taken from him was very fair, but he was a man (Soon to be woman) of his word.

Despite his initial misgivings, it didn't take long for the original Arthur to warm up to the body and life he himself stole. Both he and his clone picked young, sexy blondes they'd regularly seen jogging around their neighborhood. The group wondered if it was the start of a trend - Arthur did have a thing for blondes.

The two former-men agreed that the experience of becoming women was intoxicating. Artie-Prime found that wearing...no, owning a sexy piece of ass that had previously been completely off-limits to him brought a certain thrill. Less than a week after their possessions, the three were getting comfortable enough with their new forms to start having some fun.

"So...which of our butts do you like better, Arthur? I bet it's mine!", Artie-Prime, going by Sarah now, asked as her ass bounced gleefully beneath her striped leggings in easy coordination with the girl to her left.

The clone who had drawn long moaned lustily, "Mmmm...It's too hard to decide, Sarah. I think I need to inspect both of you ladies closer..."

Each girl stopped and looked in shock at the other. The insinuation was thick...were they about to make things physical? Sarah pondered for a moment before shrugging. Shooting her companion a silent "Why not?" look, she giggled nervously. The other girl returned a smile and the two began teasing the clothing off of their host's bodies. Sarah hadn't been anticipating taking this step yet, but it -did- seem like the natural progression of things. She didn't think she had a thing for men, but this was...different, no? The man's body she was about to screw was her own, even if she wasn't in it anymore...right? It was closer to masturbation than just letting a guy fuck her...wasn't it?

Regardless, she knew -exactly- how to please him, quickly sending the threesome tumbling down a rabbit hole of pleasure. The group crossed a boundary that night which set a precedent for the rest to come. The reigning Arthur would always have a bevy of girl-possessing copies ready to fuck him...at least until he eventually joined their number and fell into line servicing the -new- Arthur. It wasn't long before every girl within four blocks was possessed by a clone, each making carefully calculated detours from their adopted lives to spend a few amazing hours together with her sisters and their one, true (temporary) King.


  1. I love this story. A very original and sexy concept ;)

    1. Thanks! I'm a pretty big fan of it myself! Fun finding a new twist on the clone idea.