Saturday, September 17, 2016

K-*POP* Star

Edward felt extremely proud as she struck Yerin’s final pose. She’d done it! Getting down the choreography of the girl-group’s elaborate dances had been the only thing making the former white male nervous, but now she’d proven she could! Ed’s plan to possess a cute K-pop star and take over her life was going perfectly!


Sparks and smoke suddenly exploded out from stage right and left, startling Ed. Stumbling backwards in Yerin’s petite body, she fought to keep her legs from buckling out of fright. Fucking pyrotechnics! Ed did the best she could to quickly compose herself - an experienced performer like she was now should be used to all the special concert effects…Any confidence she’d was demolished with the explosion. Ed could feel every pore of her new body prickling with embarrassment. She stared straight out into the audience in fear, trying to put on a fake smile. The crowd was screaming madly, her fellow performers were laughing at her, and she was sure they would figure out she was just an impostor wearing Yerin’s body and life like a costume.

By the next day, the incident had blown up all over the internet…just not in the way Ed expected. Fan forums were plastered with videos and .gifs of Yerin being surprised, but 90% of the discussion centered on how adorable she looked when scared. The other 10% were the typical guys talking about all the things they’d like to do to her in bed. Ed enjoyed one troll’s post in particular: “Same reaction she had to seeing my BIG DICK the other night! ILU YERIN! <3” The guy was probably right! She wasn’t sure how she’d respond when face to face with her first cock as a woman! 

Either way, she was glad to see her fears were unfounded. After all, it wasn’t like the general public really knew about possession spells. And everyone messes up sometimes anyway! She knew she’d soon be such a pro at being Yerin that Ed might as well have never even existed...

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