Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Better Heather

"Go ahead! Play with her pussy! No need to be shy, it's yours now after all.", Victor encouraged the hesitant girl to continue her explorations.

Averting her eyes, embarrassed but excited, Heather began fingering the soft, foreign folds between her shaved legs. The pleasure beginning to build shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was comforting to have this woman's body reward her for touching it's most intimate places. Some of the guilt of possessing Heather melted away with the hungry pulsing of her pussy wishing to be filled up. It was different than when Darius had been a man, but the lusty haze that settled in was still reassuringly familiar. That her body responded with such ease to her being in control showed her that she could definitely handle this; take over Heather's life entirely. Hardly able to contain her happiness, she looked up at her new husband with the most adorable look of glee.

It was just the look that Victor had been waiting for. The wealthy businessman had gotten tired of the old Heather's bitchiness, high-maintenance tendencies, and threats of divorce. He wanted a woman who would be appreciative of the amazing life he'd worked so hard to put together. After stumbling upon Darius, a humble and friendly aging black homeless man who tried to take care of others down on their luck, Victor knew he'd found someone who was much more deserving of living the life of luxury that Heather took for granted.

A few discussions between the two men and one possession spell later, Darius had gone from bumming on the streets to being a high-class white hottie with a wonderful man. Still, the new Heather never forgot where she came from, setting up charities and campaigns to help the city's most needy citizens. Though she wasn't likely to admit it, her favorite part of being such a public figure for good was getting to strut around like a goddess in gorgeous, tight fitting dresses at her donation dinners. She felt like a super-sexy spy among the crowds of wealthy idiots who would -never- know the true story. No one but Victor, at least, whom she made sure to show her appreciation to every night. She would be a better Heather than the previous one had -ever- been, even in the bedroom...


  1. Very hot caption. Although I wonder what happened to the original wife. Is she living as the homeless guy now?

    1. Thanks again! =D Heather is still inside the body, she just has no control. I don't like body swaps usually, so when I talk about a possession spell it's exactly that - one person taking over another person's body. The homeless guy's body is either "dead" now or perhaps it was turned incorporeal and then he entered her body. Didn't really specify with this one.