Saturday, September 17, 2016

K-*POP* Star

Edward felt extremely proud as she struck Yerin’s final pose. She’d done it! Getting down the choreography of the girl-group’s elaborate dances had been the only thing making the former white male nervous, but now she’d proven she could! Ed’s plan to possess a cute K-pop star and take over her life was going perfectly!


Sparks and smoke suddenly exploded out from stage right and left, startling Ed. Stumbling backwards in Yerin’s petite body, she fought to keep her legs from buckling out of fright. Fucking pyrotechnics! Ed did the best she could to quickly compose herself - an experienced performer like she was now should be used to all the special concert effects…Any confidence she’d was demolished with the explosion. Ed could feel every pore of her new body prickling with embarrassment. She stared straight out into the audience in fear, trying to put on a fake smile. The crowd was screaming madly, her fellow performers were laughing at her, and she was sure they would figure out she was just an impostor wearing Yerin’s body and life like a costume.

By the next day, the incident had blown up all over the internet…just not in the way Ed expected. Fan forums were plastered with videos and .gifs of Yerin being surprised, but 90% of the discussion centered on how adorable she looked when scared. The other 10% were the typical guys talking about all the things they’d like to do to her in bed. Ed enjoyed one troll’s post in particular: “Same reaction she had to seeing my BIG DICK the other night! ILU YERIN! <3” The guy was probably right! She wasn’t sure how she’d respond when face to face with her first cock as a woman! 

Either way, she was glad to see her fears were unfounded. After all, it wasn’t like the general public really knew about possession spells. And everyone messes up sometimes anyway! She knew she’d soon be such a pro at being Yerin that Ed might as well have never even existed...

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Better Heather

"Go ahead! Play with her pussy! No need to be shy, it's yours now after all.", Victor encouraged the hesitant girl to continue her explorations.

Averting her eyes, embarrassed but excited, Heather began fingering the soft, foreign folds between her shaved legs. The pleasure beginning to build shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was comforting to have this woman's body reward her for touching it's most intimate places. Some of the guilt of possessing Heather melted away with the hungry pulsing of her pussy wishing to be filled up. It was different than when Darius had been a man, but the lusty haze that settled in was still reassuringly familiar. That her body responded with such ease to her being in control showed her that she could definitely handle this; take over Heather's life entirely. Hardly able to contain her happiness, she looked up at her new husband with the most adorable look of glee.

It was just the look that Victor had been waiting for. The wealthy businessman had gotten tired of the old Heather's bitchiness, high-maintenance tendencies, and threats of divorce. He wanted a woman who would be appreciative of the amazing life he'd worked so hard to put together. After stumbling upon Darius, a humble and friendly aging black homeless man who tried to take care of others down on their luck, Victor knew he'd found someone who was much more deserving of living the life of luxury that Heather took for granted.

A few discussions between the two men and one possession spell later, Darius had gone from bumming on the streets to being a high-class white hottie with a wonderful man. Still, the new Heather never forgot where she came from, setting up charities and campaigns to help the city's most needy citizens. Though she wasn't likely to admit it, her favorite part of being such a public figure for good was getting to strut around like a goddess in gorgeous, tight fitting dresses at her donation dinners. She felt like a super-sexy spy among the crowds of wealthy idiots who would -never- know the true story. No one but Victor, at least, whom she made sure to show her appreciation to every night. She would be a better Heather than the previous one had -ever- been, even in the bedroom...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stealing Her Breast Features

“Oh -fuck no-! Dude, Chiharu has her eyes set on Greg’s new tits! Hurry! Use…use that thing to get him the hell out of there!”, Kyle yelled, flying into a panic at the scene playing out on their TV. A naked anime babe feeling up another cartoon cutie would have been really hot under other circumstances, but here there were two problems. First, the girl getting her boobs played with was really their -male- friend Greg. He had somehow been transplanted into the world of the anime they’d been watching as a new female character thanks to a strange remote they’d found. Second, the girl groping her was none other than Chiharu Miyutome, the woman secretly responsible a number of mysterious disappearances of female students around the university campus...And it looked like Greg was about to be her newest victim.

Fumbling with the remote, Chris desperately pressed every button once and then once more. “SHIT! It’s not working! I don’t even know how the remote sent him in there in the first place!", he shot back in frustration. 

The two could see just from her face that Greg understood the peril of her situation. It was even more apparent in the quaking of her delicate, feminine voice, “K…Kyle?! Chris?! Help me! PLEASE! I don’t want to be absorbed!”

That this girl knew what was about to happen surprised Chiharu - no one should have known! But…there was a new -thrill- in having prey that was fully aware of its impending fate. Chiharu smiled deviously, whispering in Greg's ear, “Who are Kyle and Chris? Strange names. Do you have a couple gaijin boyfriends, new girl? Hrm…that means once you’re long gone inside of -me- they’ll be back on the market, huh? I wonder if they’ll still recognize these delicious breasts of yours when they’re hanging from my chest? Come to think of it, I'm ready for that to be -now-. Bye-bye!" Her farewell was sickeningly sweet, a perfect mix of sugar and serial killer.

“KYAAAAAAAA!”, Greg screamed in typical anime girl fashion as a bright light engulfed the screen. When the animated fog finally cleared only one woman remained: Chiharu Miyutome. Giggling madly, the woman tightly hugged her animated breasts in satisfaction. Kyle and Chris could tell that they were much larger now; the same size and shape as their animated friend's had been. There was no question – Greg was now just one of many anime babes that Chiharu would absorb to enhance her features over the course of the show. 

Even with rewinding and trying again, the two couldn't change anything. All they could do was watch over and over as their friend became part of Chiharu forever. Still, they knew there might be hope if they could get the remote working once again, but it would be a dangerous chance to take. After all, just look what it did to Greg...Who was to say they wouldn’t meet a similar fate?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

King Arthur

Arthur had seen enough corny movies about a guy who clones himself to understand the biggest pitfall: just making a bunch of copies of yourself -always- falls apart. An army of "yous" running around is simply too obvious - he'd have to be more inventive than that.

Thankfully, he stumbled upon the perfect solution in the same book he'd found the cloning spell...Body Possession! It was brilliant! His copies could use the possession spell to hide as others! They would steal legitimate personas that no one would be able to question, thereby allowing them to exist in near-total secrecy. And a possession spell presented some interesting possibilities...What if he had all of his clones take over the bodies of beautiful women? A life surrounded by gorgeous babes who were interested in all the same things he was? What a dream!

As it turns out, the first two clones he created thought it was a great idea too! What a coincidence! However, the group hit an impasse in deciding exactly -which- Arthur would get to -stay- Arthur. Artie-Prime, as the original had taken to calling himself, argued that the decision belonged to him; after all, the other two wouldn't have even existed without his work! His clones didn't buy it though, standing in solidarity that each was just as much "Arthur" as the original. Try as he might, Artie-Prime couldn't fault the logic; a perfect clone was just that - identical in every way. He was forced into a compromise.

It was decided that they would draw straws. The two who drew short would have to go out and find a cute girl to possess while the winner would get to stay as Arthur...At least until challenged for his position again by the next group of clones.

Artie-Prime drew with trepidation. Statistically, he knew that even if he didn't get the short straw this time it was bound to happen eventually. He nervously compared his straw with his copies. The first clone's was short. "Good.", Artie-Prime thought. That one was going to become a girl.

Now, for the second clone's straw...long. It meant he'd stolen the right to remain Arthur. Seeing this, Artie-Prime wondered if he was really ready to fulfill his part of the obligation. Could he truly become nothing more than eye-candy for this usurper? He still didn't think that having his life taken from him was very fair, but he was a man (Soon to be woman) of his word.

Despite his initial misgivings, it didn't take long for the original Arthur to warm up to the body and life he himself stole. Both he and his clone picked young, sexy blondes they'd regularly seen jogging around their neighborhood. The group wondered if it was the start of a trend - Arthur did have a thing for blondes.

The two former-men agreed that the experience of becoming women was intoxicating. Artie-Prime found that, owning a sexy piece of ass that had previously been completely off-limits to him brought a certain thrill. Less than a week after their possessions, the three were getting comfortable enough with their new forms to start having some fun.

"So...which of our butts do you like better, Arthur? I bet it's mine!", Artie-Prime, going by Sarah now, asked as her ass bounced gleefully beneath her striped leggings in easy coordination with the girl to her left.

The clone who had drawn long moaned lustily, "Mmmm...It's too hard to decide, Sarah. I think I need to inspect both of you ladies closer..."

Each girl stopped and looked in shock at the other. The insinuation was thick...were they about to make things physical? Sarah pondered for a moment before shrugging. Shooting her companion a silent "Why not?" look, she giggled nervously. The other girl returned a smile and the two began teasing the clothing off of their host's bodies. Sarah hadn't been anticipating taking this step yet, but it -did- seem like the natural progression of things. She didn't think she had a thing for men, but this was...different, no? The man's body she was about to screw was her own, even if she wasn't in it anymore...right? It was closer to masturbation than just letting a guy fuck her...wasn't it?

Regardless, she knew -exactly- how to please him, quickly sending the threesome tumbling down a rabbit hole of pleasure. The group crossed a boundary that night which set a precedent for the rest to come. The reigning Arthur would always have a bevy of girl-possessing copies ready to fuck least until he eventually joined their number and fell into line servicing the -new- Arthur. It wasn't long before every girl within four blocks was possessed by a clone, each making carefully calculated detours from their adopted lives to spend a few amazing hours together with her sisters and their one, true (temporary) King.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Pool Party Pussy: An Interactive TG Caption Game

*Welcome to my second TG Caption Game! As before, please let me know what you think! Thanks!*

Introduction: A man's voice calls out to you just before you can insert your house key and slip inside. You pull back and turn to regard him. He is close to six feet tall, with clean-cut, short blonde hair. His well toned chest is on full display, only a set of crimson and white duo-tone swim trunks concealing any portion of his body. Overall, he seems nonthreatening, but you wonder what this stranger could want with you.

"Hey! We're looking for another babe to join our pool party. You should join us!", he says with boyish enthusiasm. aren't sure you heard him correctly. Babes? You're clearly a man...Why was he asking you to come over if he wants more girls there?

Before you can even inquire, he places a hand on your shoulder. Your eyes close and your body goes limp for a moment, but you regain your balance before you topple over. However, as you open your eyes again the scene before you makes it clear that reality, and your place within it, has shifted.

You stand at the edge of a very large and luxurious pool. All along the edges, crowds of gorgeous women in exceedingly small and tight bikinis play with and grope one another. Rarely among the crowd you see a few men being fawned over like rock-stars; a couple of them even actively fucking one of the girls right out in the open.

"Welcome to the pool party! This is where my friends and I like to come and relax. It's a place totally and completely separate from normal time and space - one we've carefully crafted and populated over a few decades now.", the man from before suddenly speaks up from behind you, "I chose you to be our newest addition because I could see that you have a -real slut- inside of you. Most guys have a repressed feminine side, but yours resonates like a beacon. I can feel her, just begging to get out, and with our magic she finally will. Please don't worry, I understand that change can be scary, but when you're riding my cock later you'll be thanking me. Need proof? Just look at how much fun all the other girls are having! Now, it's time for you to join them..."

A forceful push sends you flying over the edge of the pool. In an instant you collide with the clear blue water. You feel reality beginning to shift once again, but this time it's you and not your surroundings that are changing. As you struggle back up to the surface, the pressure of the water moving around you tugs on places you've never before felt. You feel much more lithe and smooth, with the exception of your chest and rear, which are noticeably more jiggly. The only clothing you can feel any longer clings to you very tightly, and in places where such constriction should be much more uncomfortable. As you finally break the surface to the water, your new master gets his first look at his newest creation.


We will use a series of dice rolls to determine your new form from the girls on this website:

Body Selection Website

Using either your own dice or the dice roller at the bottom of my side bar, do the following:

1. Roll one 7-sided dice, and write down the number. This number will be the page you will go to from the above linked gallery. Your new body is on this page.

2. Roll one 8-sided dice, and write down the number. Each page has eight horizontal rows. This number will be the horizontal row you will go to within the page number you got from the first roll. Your new body is in this row.

3. Roll one 5-sided dice, and write down the number. Each row has five girls in it. This number will be the girl you get within the horizontal row rolled in the second roll. This is your new body.

If you dislike the girl you get, you are allowed to re-roll until you get one you like. No directly choosing though! The idea is that you mostly don't have any control over the girl you end up as!

Once you have your new body, it's time to finish the story!

Finish: You paddle back over to the edge of the pool and smile as the man from before offers you a helping-hand. With a sturdy pull, he lifts you up and out of the water...and directly into his arms. His well-built pecs feel -soooo- nice pressing against your soft breasts. You blush as he looks you in the eye with a knowing smirk.

The two of you stand up and retreat away from the rest of the adoring women to a semi-secluded cabana.Inside is a very well padded bed, perfect for truly welcoming you to your new life. You gasp as he spins you around to face away from him and pushes your top-half stomach down onto the mattress. His trunks drop to the ground nearby, and you quickly notice his now exposed and very engorged member rubbing up against the curves of your pillowy ass. It pokes and prods at the edges of your swimsuit seeking a way in. With one hand, he pulls the tight fabric to the side, and you feel his rod slip between that hole and directly into another. The sensation of having his manhood inside of you is magical, and you begin rocking your own hips in unison with the accelerating pounding he's performing on your new pussy.

Half-an-hour later, you feel his cock pulsing within you as he finally fills you up with his seed. It comes with an additional gift: the most extraordinary orgasm you've ever experienced in your -life-. With your delicate body still quaking and squirming in the sheets, lost in pleasure, you understand why all the girls here are so happy. Anyone would give up their old life to experience this kind of bliss for eternity! You didn't miss your old life one bit any longer, now just another little bikini slut who loved to be fucked and fondled...

*Phew...I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it! Be sure to share how it turned out for you below! Link us to the gallery of the girl you've become (Use this format: <a href="INSERT URL HERE">INSERT TITLE HERE</a> ) and give her a name! It'd be a lot of fun to see all the other lovely ladies who wound up enjoying the party!*