Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Quantum Chamber

“Hurry! We have to get the Quantum Chamber open -immediately-!”, Doctor Saayid darted to the controls. A veritable wall of buttons and levers, he navigated it with a robotic perfection while his interns struggled to keep up. It was moments like these, with lives on the line, where the good doctor’s muscle memory kicked into overdrive. They -had- to get that door open! Doctors Henrik and Luthor depended on it!

*Click!* The massive door shuddered loose of its locks. Smoke poured through the slowly growing crack, concealing the chamber’s contents. It was impossible to tell if they had worked quickly enough.

“Ohhh…You’re so -big-!”, an unknown voice broke the silent tension of the room. A female voice. Saayid knew this boded poorly for his colleagues…No women had gone into the chamber…

The brave Doctor frantically approached the entrance, waving away the smoke in desperation. There, his fears were confirmed. Doctor’s Henrik and Luthor were clearly no more. Laid out bare on the chamber floor, their supple bodies on full display, a young man and woman had taken the aging white men’s places. The two had apparently rapidly been pursuing coitus before they had been so rudely interrupted.
“Could you please close the door? Or…maybe you’d like to join us…?”, the woman giggled, wrapping a hand gently around the cock of the man she was straddling. Due to the nature of the chamber, which was experimenting with quantum mechanics enabling the “transformation” of one thing to another, no one could ever know which had once been Doctor Henrik and which Doctor Luthor, but one of them was now clearly quite the horny little minx.

The science staff quickly escorted the new couple out of the laboratory, despite complaints, and confirmed that they had no memory of their previous lives. Doctor Saayid mourned the loss of such great minds, but he was relieved at least that his friends were still human. Had things gone more poorly, they could have ended up as anything! A pair of socks! A couple of goats! Becoming a human couple was about as good of a result as they could have hoped for. He would still see them around town now and again, each time with another child in tow. The woman was radiant in motherhood, her husband clearly madly in love and their relationship strong. Seeing them so happy made the pain of their loss a little easier to bear.

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