Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New-Life Support

The peppy hospital volunteer popped into Mr. Jacobson’s room with her trademark smile and jovial demeanor.

“Mr. Jacobson! That’s the fifth time you’ve pressed the call button tonight…I’m starting to think you just like having me around!”, she teased the elderly gentleman under her care, “What can I do for you -now-?” She tilted her to the side and placed her hands on her hips. A gentle smile foiled her feigned annoyance.

Harold Jacobson’s laugh was hearty, but faint. The 83-year-old, barely on his last leg, liked the girl’s youthful spirit. Beyond that, he may have been old, but he wasn’t blind and his nurse wasn’t dumb. It was obvious the girl was catching on to him. Perhaps it was time he stopped playing with his prey?

“Oh, Kaitlyn. Your kindness is wasted on these old bones.”, the man said in a grandfatherly tone, “There -is- one more thing you can do for me though…”

“Of course, Mr. Jacobson. Anything you need! What is it?”, she said with a slightly nervous giggle, wondering what ridiculous task he’d come up with next.

“Perfect!”, Mr. Jacobson quipped, snapping his fingers, “Well then, could you please walk over to that metal rack? Once there, lift up the bottom of your dress and present that cute little ass of yours to me.”

Kaitlyn stood still for a moment, her brow clenched and jaw agape. All thought flushed instantly from her mind. Her body was obedient though, quickly proceeding to the rack and following Harold’s instructions.

The soft curves of Kaitlyn’s rear beckoned longingly from across the room. Harold could only see the back of Kaitlyn’s head and body as she waited like an erotic statue for him to join her. He felt a bit bad about using the spell to turn such an upbeat girl into a near mindless drone just waiting to be taken, but he so desperately longed for the vitality she had in abundance.

All that remained now was a touch…A single touch of her smooth skin and his flesh would begin merging into hers…permanently. Once fully inside, the spell would give him absolute control over the young brunette’s body and -life-. He hadn’t anticipated wanting to become a woman, but he found it thrilling to think that soon others would be admiring -him- in the same way that he was currently admiring Kaitlyn. Mr. Jacobson’s grandson had already even mentioned finding her attractive. The boy had a good eye; Kaitlyn was a gorgeous girl. With Harold in control, she’d make a wonderful addition to the family. She was sure to give him many beautiful great-grandchildren…


  1. Hey awesome job friend as always

    1. Ah, my biggest fan! Always glad to hear you liked my work!