Monday, August 22, 2016

Losing Himself To Technology

The advent of affordable cybernetics sparked a Golden Age for humanity, but beneath the gilded exterior of that long-awaited future lay a terrifying underbelly that the Corporations did everything they could to hide. Jeremy was glad to swept under the rug. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind, out-of-body…

See, Jeremy wasn’t the playboy the scene in his bedroom might imply. Brooke, Madison, and Kayla weren’t cuddled up to him by choice. The women they once were barely even existed any longer – only waking when Jeremy deemed fit to download himself into their bodies and live out their lives and his desires.
The hacker had been stunned when he’d discovered the vulnerability in the new brain implants, suddenly finding himself transplanted into the body of nearby woman as she’d been walking by. Even more shocking though? How great it felt! The soft jiggle of her hips and chest as he jogged over to his now unconscious original body while inside of her was…mesmerizing.

He took her home that very day and made her his permanently by manipulating the programming to keep her in a coma like state when he wasn’t inside of her. She was Madison, the dark haired beauty directly to his right – the very first girl he'd added to his collection. 

Then came Brooke, far to his right, who was once one of his closest hacking buds. He’d never told her, but he’d always had a crush on her. Now he owned her. He got a certain thrill out of having hacked a hacker, especially once he saw gorgeous she was in the nude.

Kayla, whom he had an arm wrapped around, was his most recent acquisition. She was his brother’s girl. Nick had always been an asshole to Jeremy. He’d planned to take Kayla over and break-up with him as revenge…but when you’re inside of a girl, sometimes it’s hard not to think like one. Especially when the guy’s hung like a horse…

As he lay in bed, wrapped up in the arms of his “dolls”, he wondered if he should feel ashamed about what he did the night prior. But then, it wasn’t -his- body after all…was it? Which body -was- his now? He was spending more time in his female bodies than his male one recently…Was that really all it was now? Just one body amongst many? 

The only logical conclusion he could come to was that Jeremy himself was no more. The being still existed as Jeremy, but not exclusively any longer. No, it was now all four of them: Jeremy, Brooke, Madison, -and- Kayla...But this bed was getting crowded and it was getting difficult to justify Jeremy’s place. The being never had any fun as Jeremy; what logical purpose did he have for continuing to exist? It smiled darkly as it thought of a girl to replace him with. There was a very cute copper-haired barista at the local coffee shop…It had always had a thing for red-heads…soon it would -be- one.

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