Monday, August 8, 2016

His New Selfie - Part 1

Samuel was mesmerized by the picture of the bikini-clad girl he’d been texted. She was hot as fuck, but this whole situation was super confusing. A cryptic message accompanied her selfie, “Sorry, but Ronnie’s not going to be around anymore. I hope you enjoy our pic!!!! xoxoxo <3 Katie”

Unbeknownst to Sam, Katie had just been waiting for the dumbass who’d stolen her phone to start using it. The young techno-witch’s magic was able to pick up Ronnie’s identity and location immediately after his call to Samuel. She was even able to listen in on the conversation. It was some idiocy about manipulating her into having to meet with him so he could pretend he’d found it and be her “hero”. Liars and thieves deserve fitting punishments; she decided to make an honest woman out of him.

Once she knew who and where he was, it was a simple matter to cast a possession spell that let her merge into the city’s wireless networks and then travel straight into the thieving fool's body. Caught completely unaware, Ronnie could only watch as he was reshaped into Katie. From inside, the witch took her time with the transformation, savoring Ronnie’s futile resistance. It was especially cute watching him grope in confusion at his pecs as they inflated into her soft, bouncy tits. Five minutes after entering him, Katie had completely converted Ronnie into a perfectly duplicated new host body. It was only then that she pushed him to the back of her mind and took control.

Katie didn’t see her take over as stealing. She rationalized that instead she’d rescued Ronnie from the sin of his crime. Now that he -was- Katie, the phone -did- belong to him. He was no longer a thief! “He” was also now a smoking hot babe, but that was beside the point.

With his thoughts open to her, Katie learned that Ronnie had been planning a souvenir to remember his “genius” – a selfie using her phone. She liked that idea! Ronnie’s scheme might not have gone…quite to plan, but he still got the girl! Snapping a quick picture in Ronnie’s mirror, she sent it off to Sam…along with a little something -extra-. He knew about Ronnie’s plan, which meant he was a loose end in all of this. She couldn’t have him asking questions about where his friend disappeared to…


  1. I like the idea of a techno-witch getting even. Cool story.