Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gone Fishin'

“Hey babe! Wanna fuck?”, Carli propositioned from the living-room entry way.

“Sorry sweetheart, too busy right now.”, Pete responded plainly.

It was all he -ever- said anymore. The last two weeks had been -sooooo- annoying for Carli. Seriously, what kind of guy turns his best male friend and fishing buddy into a super-hot nympho wife and then is too “busy” to pound her snatch? That magical fish was the worst thing to -ever- happen to her. She got more action when she had a dick! If the spell didn’t force her to stay loyal to Pete she’d have already left him for the super cute neighbor guy. He’d completely replaced Pete in her fantasies by now. Carli loved imagining her tight body wrapped up in his toned muscles, a surely massive cock slamming into her over and over again. Ohhhh…It was -definitely- what she would wish for if she had an opportunity like the one Pete had used to create her.

Pete understood how she felt, he just didn’t care. Her opinion didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was catching that strange fish again. As soon as he did, Carli would cease to exist – replaced by a new, more interesting girl for him to fuck. See, the couple’s first three months together had been amazing, but you might be surprised what you can get tired of when you have unrestricted access to it; even when it's some of the hottest white-girl pussy on the planet. Next time, Pete would wish for something guaranteed to last a bit longer: the power to transform Carli into -any girl- he wanted at -any time-, fully able to alter both her body and mind to his desires.

He suddenly paused his preparations as an amazing thought occurred to him – why stop at one girl? Maybe he could even request the ability to split her into multiple women! Instant threesomes, foursomes…hell, full on orgies whenever he wanted! He -definitely- needed to find a way to fit that into his increasingly complexly worded wish. He what point would it just be easier to hire a lawyer to write it for him?

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