Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Succubi's First Meal

Greg knew this was it; it was impossible to go back now. He stared up at Megan, loving her moans as she bounced up and down on his cock. He wondered which was stronger, the pleasure of being fucked or of absorbing someone. It was an answer he knew he’d find out soon. In a matter of minutes there would only be one of them left on the bed. Greg was about to be completely and totally subsumed into the girl riding him, becoming one with her in body, mind, and spirit. He wasn't sure why he'd agreed to it...but he was happy that he had.

Realizing he was fucking his future self made him harder than ever. He wondered…If he came right now, would that make him both mother and father to the potential children? Did this...creature...even work that way? He pondered on that thought as his vision faded away and everything became...jiggly...He could feel Megan’s hands caressing his “head”, reshaping it two soft spheres...Breasts! As he became her twin, feminine mounds, she continued rubbing as though he were a lotion on her skin. She was so sensitive there! So sensitive everywhere! A full knowledge of her curves and thoughts gradually revealed themselves to him. She wanted him to cum -so badly-

The dual sensations of both pounding into her cunt and being rapidly penetrated by such girth were too much to handle at once. Megan’s body shuddered and she screamed in ecstasy as Greg’s cock pulsed uncontrollably within her. A dual orgasm flowed through their amalgamated form. Deep inside, Megan felt the warm glow of her lover’s seed plastering her womanly walls. As Greg went flaccid, he failed to pull out, his manhood instead diffusing into pussy flesh. It had been all that remained of him, and now it too was gone. Megan collapsed back onto the bed, alone.

Writhing in the sheets as the pleasure subsided, the succubus’ eyes fluttered opened for what felt like the first time. The other succubi had told her that going from two separate perspectives to a singular one could be a bit disorienting. The part of her that had once been Greg wasn’t used to looking down and seeing a pair of tits hanging from her chest. She found herself much more fascinated by them than before she’d taken him as her first meal – perhaps this was a side effect of absorbing men that the other girls hadn’t mentioned? It didn’t take her long to realize the potential in this new perspective. The more men she absorbed the better she would understand how they think, how to please them. It would make feeding on the horny fools all the easier. 

The young succubus slipped under Greg's bed sheets, exhausted after sex and such a good meal. Pressing her head deep into his soft pillow, she beamed in anticipation of adding the next man to her new collection. From the memories she'd gained, she knew Greg had a roommate. What might happen were he to come home and find a beautiful naked woman in Greg's bed? She didn't need any help guessing that one...


  1. Interesting story. Is Greg becoming the Succubi or is Megan already the Succubi and is absorbing Greg?


    1. Megan is a brand new succubi in this cap, and she is absorbing Greg. But you could still say that Greg is becoming the succubi, because once absorbed he and Megan are one and the same.