Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gone Fishin'

“Hey babe! Wanna fuck?”, Carli propositioned from the living-room entry way.

“Sorry sweetheart, too busy right now.”, Pete responded plainly.

It was all he -ever- said anymore. The last two weeks had been -sooooo- annoying for Carli. Seriously, what kind of guy turns his best male friend and fishing buddy into a super-hot nympho wife and then is too “busy” to pound her snatch? That magical fish was the worst thing to -ever- happen to her. She got more action when she had a dick! If the spell didn’t force her to stay loyal to Pete she’d have already left him for the super cute neighbor guy. He’d completely replaced Pete in her fantasies by now. Carli loved imagining her tight body wrapped up in his toned muscles, a surely massive cock slamming into her over and over again. Ohhhh…It was -definitely- what she would wish for if she had an opportunity like the one Pete had used to create her.

Pete understood how she felt, he just didn’t care. Her opinion didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was catching that strange fish again. As soon as he did, Carli would cease to exist – replaced by a new, more interesting girl for him to fuck. See, the couple’s first three months together had been amazing, but you might be surprised what you can get tired of when you have unrestricted access to it; even when it's some of the hottest white-girl pussy on the planet. Next time, Pete would wish for something guaranteed to last a bit longer: the power to transform Carli into -any girl- he wanted at -any time-, fully able to alter both her body and mind to his desires.

He suddenly paused his preparations as an amazing thought occurred to him – why stop at one girl? Maybe he could even request the ability to split her into multiple women! Instant threesomes, foursomes…hell, full on orgies whenever he wanted! He -definitely- needed to find a way to fit that into his increasingly complexly worded wish. He what point would it just be easier to hire a lawyer to write it for him?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New-Life Support

The peppy hospital volunteer popped into Mr. Jacobson’s room with her trademark smile and jovial demeanor.

“Mr. Jacobson! That’s the fifth time you’ve pressed the call button tonight…I’m starting to think you just like having me around!”, she teased the elderly gentleman under her care, “What can I do for you -now-?” She tilted her to the side and placed her hands on her hips. A gentle smile foiled her feigned annoyance.

Harold Jacobson’s laugh was hearty, but faint. The 83-year-old, barely on his last leg, liked the girl’s youthful spirit. Beyond that, he may have been old, but he wasn’t blind and his nurse wasn’t dumb. It was obvious the girl was catching on to him. Perhaps it was time he stopped playing with his prey?

“Oh, Kaitlyn. Your kindness is wasted on these old bones.”, the man said in a grandfatherly tone, “There -is- one more thing you can do for me though…”

“Of course, Mr. Jacobson. Anything you need! What is it?”, she said with a slightly nervous giggle, wondering what ridiculous task he’d come up with next.

“Perfect!”, Mr. Jacobson quipped, snapping his fingers, “Well then, could you please walk over to that metal rack? Once there, lift up the bottom of your dress and present that cute little ass of yours to me.”

Kaitlyn stood still for a moment, her brow clenched and jaw agape. All thought flushed instantly from her mind. Her body was obedient though, quickly proceeding to the rack and following Harold’s instructions.

The soft curves of Kaitlyn’s rear beckoned longingly from across the room. Harold could only see the back of Kaitlyn’s head and body as she waited like an erotic statue for him to join her. He felt a bit bad about using the spell to turn such an upbeat girl into a near mindless drone just waiting to be taken, but he so desperately longed for the vitality she had in abundance.

All that remained now was a touch…A single touch of her smooth skin and his flesh would begin merging into hers…permanently. Once fully inside, the spell would give him absolute control over the young brunette’s body and -life-. He hadn’t anticipated wanting to become a woman, but he found it thrilling to think that soon others would be admiring -him- in the same way that he was currently admiring Kaitlyn. Mr. Jacobson’s grandson had already even mentioned finding her attractive. The boy had a good eye; Kaitlyn was a gorgeous girl. With Harold in control, she’d make a wonderful addition to the family. She was sure to give him many beautiful great-grandchildren…

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Neighborhood Beautification: An Interactive TG Caption Game

*Welcome to my first ever interactive cap game thingy! I was inspired by a guest created game over on the Metamorphose message board, and I wanted to try creating something similar within one of my universes. Please let me know what you think about it and how it goes for you in the comments!

Note: The warlocks mentioned here are the same Leon and Carl from my caption Just Needed Some Body Work. Link:

All of this is, obviously, very NSFW! Anyway, thanks and enjoy!*

Introduction: When the warlocks Leon and Carl were especially bored, they liked to play a game they called "Neighborhood Beautification". It was simple: drive to a random location in the city, stake out a good spot where they can see all the way up and down a street, and then transform every man who walks past into an extremely attractive woman. Some they would take home to fuck, but for the most part they just liked ogling the men in their new feminine bodies. It was always a thrill to watch, sometimes filled with truly miraculous moments. Moments like an old man's flat, saggy ass plumping up into that of a perky young college girl's.

Today, you just so happened to be walking down the street they'd chosen. Little did you know, but in just a few short steps your entire life would change permanently. Maybe you'd like the results? Maybe you wouldn't? The only way to find out was to keep on going...

You approached two men sitting on a bench just off of the sidewalk. They smiled at you, and one raised a hand to wave...Or so you thought. Strangely, time seemed to slow and images raced through your mind. Beautiful images. Curvy bodies and soft faces - women by the dozen, each more gorgeous than the last.

"...pick one...", a sultry female voice rose from your subconscious. "Pick one...", it repeated, "Make her real." You focused in on the images, complying readily. It was impossible to do anything else - every ounce of your being compelled you to choose a girl...


Step 1 - A New Body: Now that Leon and Carl cast their spell, it's up to you to determine which girl you become. They aren't -really- malicious after all - they'd want you to adopt a new form that you like! It's much more fun when their victims "willingly" take a part in their transformations. However, there are some rules:

The spell will present women for you to choose from based on personal attributes. These are:
  • A. The number of the day you were born on
  • B. The number of the month you were born in (January = 1, February = 2, etc.)
Example: Mike was born February 28th. His numbers are 2 & 28.

*SPECIAL NOTE: If your day and month are the same number, double the number for your month. So, someone born April 4th would have the numbers 4 and 8*

Once you have your numbers click the link below this paragraph and pull up the pages that match your numbers. The women on these pages are the images you see in your mind. You are allowed to pick any woman you see on your pages, but you can only select one! Choose carefully; you'll be her for the rest of your life!
Click Here To Find The New You! <3

Step 2 - A New Personality: Well damn, you're quite the looker! But what kind of personality does the new you have? We'll be using a 20-sided die to determine five distinct personality traits. You can either use your own dice, or I've placed a dice roller gadget on the bottom of my sidebar to the right for you.

Roll the 20-sided die until you have five separate traits from the list below (Note that many cannot be paired together. If you roll two conflicting traits, pick the one you prefer and drop the other. You are still done only when you have 5 total personality traits):

1 = Flirty (Cannot also have Demure) - You love others seeing you in a sexual light. Even the ones who don't stand a chance of -ever- being with a hottie like you.

2 = Demure (Cannot also have Flirty) - It's not that you aren't sexual, you're just more subtle about it. A gentle smile here, a sexy sashay there. A woman like you has a natural, feminine appeal.

3 = Shoes! MORE SHOES! - You have more shoes in your closet than the the local shoe stores do in their inventories...combined! Have you even worn them all?!

4 = Extrovert (Cannot also have Introvert) - You -love- being around people! There's nothing more energizing than a day out with your girlfriends.

5 = Introvert (Cannot also have Extrovert) - People...?'d rather not people today. Or ever usually...Except for a few special ones, like your significant other. They're pretty nice.

6 = Wears Yoga Pants All Year Round - They're just so comfy! And they show off -all- the right parts of your body. We're talking about your ass, of course...And so is everyone else.

7 = Gold Digger (Cannot also have Free Spirited) - It's very simple - if someone wants to be with you they better be willing to pay for the honor. Girls like you don't come cheap.

8 = Free Spirited (Cannot also have Gold Digger) - Hey man, you only have one life and you gotta live it to your fullest! Money doesn't make the world-go-round, love and passion do!

9 = Baby-Crazy - Babies! Aren't they adorable? You sure seem to think so. So much so that you can't wait to find the right guy to fill you up with one.

10 = Dominant (Cannot also have Submissive) - You like to be in-charge, -especially- in the bed-room. Outside of it, you have confidence and a very strong-will.

11 = Submissive (Cannot also have Dominant) - There's a certain thrill in giving yourself over to another's control, isn't there? You tend to go with the flow...and sometimes the flow is -very- nice.

12 = Always the Bride - You're subscribed to every Bridal Prep blog under the sun. Your wedding dress is already hanging in your closet. Now, if only you could find someone to get married to!

13 = Nymphomaniac (Cannot also have Saving-It...Mostly) - When not getting fucked, it's all you can think about. It's not often that you have that opportunity though.

14 = Saving-It...Mostly (Cannot also have Nymphomaniac) - Sex is an incredibly intimate moment for you. You only pursue it with those you care very deeply for.

15 = Fashionista - You are -always- up to date on the latest trends. People regularly ask you if you're a model or actress. You probably should be.

16 = Likes It Rough (Cannot also have Like It Gentle) - After a night of sex, you want your pussy to be sore and your ass tender. Sex should be wild!

17 = Likes It Gentle (Cannot also have Likes It Rough) - There's no such thing as too much foreplay to you. Your partners need to be soft on you like the delicate flower you are.

18 = Athletic - Fitness is a passion of yours and it shows. Your body is tight and toned, honed by hours upon hours in the gym. When you have a body like yours you have to take care of it.

19 = Makeup Goddess - Let's make this clear: you don't need makeup, but OMG are you amazing with it. You could take a natural 10 and turn her into an 11 with your brushes

20 = Geeky - Sweet, a crit! Video games, movies, comic books, cosplay, roleplaying - if it involves fantastical adventures or cunning strategy, you're into it. You're glad girl geeks are gaining in momentum!

Once you've gotten your five personality traits, it's time to finish the story!

Finish: The images faded away and you blinked as the world around you popped back into motion. You felt different...but inexplicably so. Softer...smaller...sexier...but hadn't you always been this way? The two guys on the bench had much wider smiles now, finishing their wave. They were weird...but also kind of cute. You returned a smile as you continued past them, secretly hoping they might be interested in you.

About 10 steps ahead of them, you looked back over your slender shoulder and caught them continuing to watch you. Their faces whipped away sheepishly, failing hard to hide the fact that they'd been gawking at your alluringly full rear this whole time.

"Men...", you sighed under your breath and rolled your eyes. However, a quiet giggle soon after betrayed your enjoyment of the attention. You couldn't blame them after all - if you were a man you'd probably ogle a woman with a body like yours as well. Too bad for them that this was probably the last they'd ever see of it - you saw it every day! The thoughts were enough to add an extra little strut to your step. You felt unnaturally good about your looks and wanted to flaunt them a little.

As you finally rounded the corner, you left the men, and your former life, behind forever. Leon and Carl were going to miss you, but they knew from the pleased way your new body moved that they'd done well. Another successful day of Neighborhood Beautification!

*I hope you enjoyed this interactive cap thang! Please share how it turned out for you below! Link us to the gallery of the girl you've become (Use this format: <a href="INSERT URL HERE">INSERT TITLE HERE</a> ), give her a name, and share what your transformed personality is like! I'd love to see all the new cuties Leon and Carl have created! <3*