Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Unexpected Company Benefits

This was easily the best company meeting you’d ever been forced to sit through. You weren’t sure why, but somehow the passing comment you’d make to your Team Lead, Victor, had come true.

“What if everyone who went up to speak turned into a -really- hot chick? I’d actually want to pay attention then!”, you joked as the two of you left work the previous night, both dreading the meeting the following morning. Imagine your surprise when your boss -really did- transform as he stepped forward to start the meeting! It was a dramatic change, his body going from that of a sparsely haired van of a man into a slim vixen in a pink dress and black business vest. You shifted in your seat, trying to hide your growing erection.

One by one, more of your coworkers went up to speak, and one by one they too were transformed. Each new woman’s body was turning out even more alluring than the last. Oddly, it was only you and Victor who seemed to notice the changes, quietly sharing fantasies back and forth about what you’d like to do to each newly minted girl. For the first time ever, you were actually disappointed when the meeting started to close. As Marco from HR took a seat, crossing her legs as though she’d always been a lady of modesty, your boss checked the clock.

“Hmm…It seems we’re done with our regular business a little bit early today. Since we have some extra time, I’d like to hear from the smaller teams we don’t get to touch base with as much.”, she decided on a whim. It sounded like a good plan to you! Excitement built inside you in anticipation of who would be next, “First off…How about Victor’s team? Would one of you please come forward and brief you on your status?”

Slowly, trembling, you turned to look at Victor. His eyes met yours, pupils full of dread. Tilting his head, he motioned -you- toward the front with a raised brow. He clearly didn’t want to be the one to go up given the morning’s events. You couldn’t blame him; the two of you were among the few men left in the room, and it seemed one of you was going to have to bite the bullet of womanhood.
Your boss didn’t appreciate the lack of motivation she saw on display, “I -can- see both of you. Not being prepared to speak means we may unfortunately have to reconsider your employment. You have -30 seconds- for someone to get up here.”

Victor may have been able to accept losing his job, but it wasn’t a luxury you could currently afford. Hesitantly, you stood and began marching up the aisle. You hoped that since you were somehow responsible for all of this that you might be immune to the changes. It was the surprising jiggle of new flesh on your chest and the clip-clopping of tall heels accentuating each of your steps which clued you in on the fact it had already happened. Looking down, two long, smooth legs extended out of a tight green dress that you were now wearing. It fit snugly around your hips, which were much wider in comparison to your waist than they had been before.

However, any fear was gone, replaced with a sexy, feminine confidence. This body was comfortable – it felt free. You began purposely swaying your hips from side to side as you spoke, showing off the plush curves of your new rear to the remaining men. After all, they only knew you as another piece of hot office ass now. You wondered how many were fantasizing about a quick fuck in the supply closet with you.

When you finally returned to your spot next to Victor you flashed him a flirty smile. He shifted in his seat and smiled back. Victor couldn’t keep his eyes off of you; that was good, you wanted him looking…

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