Monday, July 4, 2016

The Present Past

Past, present, and future – what do they really mean? Felix and Alice were two lovers who had escaped into the past from the present in order to create a better future together. They understood what so many others didn’t, time is relative only to the moment you are currently living, and -this- was -exactly- the moment the couple wanted to be living.

Alice’s strong arms made Felix feel so safe, loved, and delicate in comparison. They were feelings she was still adjusting to – a reversal of their roles. The swap had been forced upon them by the transference to this time through the Conduit, a consciousness transference time travel device which could only place Chrono Corps agents into bodies of those from the past of the opposite gender. Alice, in contrast, oozed masculine confidence. He had been a seasoned agent, experiencing life as dozens of men across as many missions. Felix couldn’t help feeling the slightest tinge of jealousy and regret in her breast. By agreeing to Alice’s plan she would only ever know what it was like to be one woman – this Mrs. Elizabeth Windsley. She was a gorgeous woman though, and it was a pretty name. Elizabeth. Almost too elegant and dissimilar for Felix, the girl having to make a concerted effort to remember to respond to it.

One response she was glad didn’t take any time to kick in, though, was her new attraction to men – specifically Alice who had become Mr. Windsley. She’d been afraid it would be difficult to accept being a woman, contemplating the reality of possibly making love to a man. That change, however, was pleasantly immediate; riding Mr. Windsley’s cock as Elizabeth on their first night in the past together had been the most satisfying experience in her life. She knew then and there that anything potentially missed out on was -nothing- compared to what she’d gained.

Back in the present, Chrono Corps’ engineers were stumped. Somehow the connection had been severed, both Felix and Alice’s bodies now inexplicably lifeless. But of even more concern was that a glitch had somehow erased any documentation of exactly where, when, and who they had been transferred to. Alice’s sabotage was a complete success. For all Chrono Corps knew, she and Felix had been impossibly and irrevocably lost in the past. That part of the deception was just a means to an end though. 

More important to Alice was that her abusive husband would never know anything more either. He had been the reason for all of this – The reason she fell in love with Felix’s gentle smile and kind demeanor. The reason she’d asked him to permanently escape to the past with her. The reason she gave up everything else to get away. Finally, she would be free from him. It was exactly how both of them wanted it. Alice, Henry now, could be a loving husband for Elizabeth in all the ways his own husband had never been. He swore to make her feel like the most special woman in the world every single day.

His promises were like music to Elizabeth’s ears. She found herself wanting his love, desperately. Closing her eyes, she let Henry kiss her sweetly on the cheek. Her face flushed crimson at the soft touch of his lips. It was all so strange and beautiful. From Chrono Corps agent to 1920s housewife, her life had certainly taken quite a different direction than she’d anticipated. Still, she couldn’t think of anyone or any time else she would rather be.

***Credit to Swapgirl for coming up with the setting for the Chrono Corps universe! Rules are here:***

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