Thursday, July 7, 2016

Not Your Typical Convention Swag

Zachary loved automotive trade conventions - they always had the most beautiful rides on display. Sleek, but curvy in all the right ways. So attractive you’d hesitate to touch them for fear you weren’t worthy enough. And every one of them at least pretending to be a ditzy cutie, their flirty teasing almost begging the horny bodyhopper to take their bodies.

Not that they knew of course. Not that -anyone- knew he was there for reasons quite different from any other convention goer. Most of them were just excited for all the swag they’d get to walk away with. For Zachary though? It’s always been about the -body- he gets to walk away in.

He knew it as soon as he spotted Carol – she was the one. Her beautiful smile. The siren song of her pillowy ass dancing beneath her lime-green leggings. An effortless sexiness that drew even the most hardcore of car enthusiasts to forget their passion for a split second and think only of -her-. She was intoxicating to watch and even more exhilarating to imagine being. In Zachary’s mind, the two were already one.

“Damn, I’m hot.”, his inner thoughts escaped in a lusty whisper. He waited patiently, watching her flit about the show floor, flirting with a guy here, handing out goodies to a stunned one there. Finally though, she ran out of supplies and had to head behind the scenes to find more. Zachary positioned himself carefully along her path in a spot where he could guarantee privacy. His years of experience meant he only needed a moment, the entire process over so quickly it even left him slightly disoriented.

The impact nearly caused Carol to stumble over, but she quickly caught her balance. She applauded her success with a pleased giggle. Affording herself just a moment to celebrate, she ran her petite hands through her long, blonde locks. Below, her thick thighs rubbed happily against each other, reveling in how smooth everything below her waist felt. Ahh, it was good to be a woman again! But Carol still had a job to do. She couldn’t keep all those men waiting! Composing herself, she continued back for the supplies.

Later that night, as she lay in bed snuggled up to her new boyfriend, Zachary pondered how long he should stay as this woman. Being inside of her was exquisite…maybe he could live her life for a bit longer than most? He had always wondered what it might be like to be a blushing bride. Oh! Or maybe even a mother! Could he do such a thing? The more he thought about it the less he wanted to -ever- think of giving her up.

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