Monday, July 18, 2016

Cumming Around To The Idea - Part 3

Satisfied, Gerry slipped between the two of you and flipped onto his back. Both of you watched hungrily as his legs spread wide, an impressively engorged manhood stiffly presenting itself for you to play with.

“There’s more where that came from, girls…”, he teased with a hearty grin. The two of you rushed to greet his member, smothering it with desperate licks and kisses. Remembering what you appreciated as a man, you took hold of him with one hand and began vertically stroking the shaft of his penis. When that wasn’t enough, you and Veronica took turns taking him into your mouths, plump lips sliding up and down the full length and girth of his cock.

Gerry’s stamina was impressive, but ultimately no match for your combined feminine lust. You felt the eruption brewing beneath your fingertips. It was close! Leaning in in anticipation of your reward, he didn’t keep you waiting long. With his cock pumping hard, cum shot forth like a flood, coating each of your girlish faces. Giggling in unison like schoolgirls, you both turned your attention to helping clean up the other. A dribble of Gerry on Veronica’s lips was especially enticing. You kissed her deeply, sucking hard as you pulled away. Veronica’s saliva mixed with Gerry’s cum made the most delicious concoction you’d ever tasted. Thinking back, you were -so- glad you’d wound up being turned into one of the chicks first. Now you’d get to be her forever…

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cumming Around To The Idea - Part 2

The nude brunette leaned back sharply into the pillows, moving as far from you and your lover as she could, “VERONICA?! Fuck this shit! We were supposed to take turns! I don’t want to be stuck as a girl!”

Gerry looked at her, an uncomfortably relaxed malevolence in his voice, “Look, I’ll make this -real- simple for you, Ian. Either you get over here and lick up some of this cum like the good girl I -know- you are, or I’m going to -literally- absorb you into my dick. You remember that spell from the book too, right? I think both Rachel and I would like it if I were a little bigger. Wouldn’t we, honey?”, he asked deviously. You returned a half-delirious nod, still overwhelmed by pleasure. “So, what’s it gonna be? Would you rather I fill you up with cum, or do you want to help me fill her up?”

Ian hesitated for a moment. Tepidly, she got back on all fours and crawled over to your ass. Shooting one final dagger like gaze at Gerry, she closed her eyes and leaned in. Her tongue was like velvet on your cheek, causing shivers to shoot up your spine. You could feel it catching ever so slightly on your skin as she lapped up Gerry’s sticky, salty-sweet treat. With each glob she sucked down, her licking became more and more fervent, the final effects of the spell mercilessly taking hold of her mind. There couldn’t be any doubt - in that instant Ian was no more.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cumming Around To The Idea - Part 1

“Oh. My. God. Gerry, what have you done?!”, the brunette sitting next to you screamed.

“Chill, Ian…You saw the way she was working her cunt. She -wanted- this…Didn’t you, -Rachel-?”, he smiled and gave your wide hips a dominant squeeze. Your only response was to stare over your shoulder in agape disbelief. Your thoughts were racing. He had come! -You- had made him come…Were you really that hot? You...liked being hot...

The display sent the brunette into a rage. “What the fuck?! Rachel?! You’ve already given him a chick’s name?! Did you fuckin’ forget that’s still…”, her voice trailed off in bewilderment as you leaned your plump and plastered rear end back into the Gerry’s eager dick and began teasing it back and forth. You didn’t care that having his cum sprayed all over you already meant the transformation was now permanent. If you were gonna be stuck with a slit you wanted it filled up.

Gerry chuckled, roaming the contours of your ass with his palm, “Now, now, let’s not be greedy. We need to leave some for -Veronica-, dear…”