Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

James had always been a man of extremes – he could be a saint one minute and a devil the next. His life was a whirlwind of love, rage, and regret, and it had been tearing him apart. Stumbling into the gypsy woman’s shop on that fateful day, he knew he’d hit the lowest point in his life. Surely magic wasn’t real…was it? Pitifully, it was the last ounce of hope he could cling to.

The gypsy was comforting and seemingly well versed with his tribulation. She proposed that there was literal conflict within his soul. She explained further that every person has both good and evil within them, but James’ dual subconsciouses were unnaturally pronounced and viciously at war. Completely unable to reconcile their coexistence, each had decided that destroying James was more appealing than being stuck together.

Unflappable, the odd woman proposed a simple, elegant, and -completely mad- solution: physically separate the two sides! At this, James had heard enough craziness, an unnatural calmness washed over him as he turned to leave. Somewhere, deep inside, it felt as though her proposal had convinced both sides of his personality to lay down their arms. Perhaps this loony lady was on to something; perhaps she could be the one to bring peace to his soul. With nothing to lose, James accepted her help. Uncapping a green bottle she’d procured, he eagerly gulped it down, ready for this nightmare to be over. 

The next part was always the gypsy’s favorite – the birth of a soul into the real world. Often, what’s inside is nothing like she or her customers expected. James would prove no different. She watched, fascinated, as his body began to split evenly down the middle, clothes tearing and piling on the ground around him. Extra arms and legs rapidly grew within the cleft, each half soon pulling apart into two fully-formed bodies. Complete, but much slimmer and more petite, with curves strangely accentuating more by the second. The gypsy’s suspicions were further confirmed as soft protrusions blossomed from each chest, jiggling pairs of feminine breasts usurping manly pecs. She soon realized that she’d been so caught up in watching the Jameses fill out above that below both were now strictly female, their cocks sucked up into delicate little pussies. The last traces of James disappeared as the new women’s faces shifted into mirror images of a beautiful young girl, with plump lips and cheeks, long brunette hair, and a gentle demeanor.

With their naked, supple bodies on full display, the two beauties who had once been trapped within James bounced giddily as they celebrated their separation. After all, this meant they had no reason to fight any longer; each could live their life the way they wanted to. Both claimed that they were actually James, but each also took on a new persona. They knew the world wouldn’t accept their story of being a single person split into two. Ironically though, the split actually brought them closer together. The two still regularly hang out on the beach where they pick up guys looking to fuck a couple of hot twins. Jaime, the “good” twin, likes it slow and sensual. Amy though? She loves riding guys until she breaks them.