Thursday, June 16, 2016


When asked what their hesitations are about online dating, most people will tell you that they’re afraid their date will look nothing like their profile picture or that they might turn out to be an axe-murderer. Justified or not, these fears pale in comparison to a real risk presented by a rising trend of techno-trolling that has caught on amongst male, young adult wizards.

The premise is simple - first, create a fake female account on a dating website using the picture of a very attractive woman. Next, wait for the inevitable flood of solicitations to roll in. When you receive one that catches your eye, agree to a meet up with the unsuspecting would-be suitor. The “date” is where the social engineering ends and the magic begins. Each wizard goes about it differently, but the result is always the same: transform the ignorant fool into an exact copy of the girl from the profile photo that he hit on, and then magically “convince” her to fulfill your every desire. The majority of those tricked usually spend a single night as a fucktoy for a horny mage before being returned to their original selves the next morning. A mindwipe spell keeps it all very clean and secret.

Others though, such as Amy here, end up being forced into their new persona’s permanently. There are strict magical laws against using the arcane to kill, and unfortunately the wizard who created Amy laid seeds within her that were just a -little bit- too effective. The transformation spells taught in legitimate courses contain clauses that prevent the transformation of pregnant women, and she was now very-much-so one such woman. 

Though the Society of Mages did what it could for her to at least remove the lewder mental changes, magic can be a complex beast. Some immodest quirks still remain embedded in her modified personality, the most persistent of which is displayed in this picture taken just after her initial transformation on the date that changed her forever. Poor Amy is simply incapable of refusing any direct request to pull out her new breasts, seemingly enjoying the lusty gazes of men around her. The Society has decided that this is an acceptable compromise, not wanting to subject her to the risks of further mental alteration.

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