Friday, June 24, 2016

Accidental Girlfriend

Shit, shit, shit! Rick could tell from the look in her eyes that it was too late, she was completely consumed. The poor girl was now totally enraptured by his cock, her hungry eyes locking onto it with need. He knew that letting Westley stay with him wasn’t a good idea, but how could he have turned away his friend? He should have been more careful though; at the very least locked the door to his room if he was gonna have his dick out…But Westley saw it, and now he was gone forever.

Most guys would probably love having a cock that could turn any man who looked at it into a supremely fuckable chick, but Rick hated his magic dick. He’d lost count of how many friends and family he’d fucked out of existence over the years. Once transformed, a proper pounding of the new girl’s pussy was unavoidable. Early on, he had tried resisting, but the women wouldn’t stop pursuing him until he’d emptied a load deep inside them. Their first orgasm was enough break the trance, but the rest of the mental and physical changes were permanent.

Rick knew he simply had to accept the truth. Westley, his best friend since High School, was no more. He didn’t know the name of the beautiful girl who had replaced him yet, but he did know what she wanted and he was ready to give it to her. A certain part of him had to admit that she was gorgeous, more-so than any other girl he’d ever created. He wondered…had he really lost one of the most important relationships in his life, or had he simply transformed it?

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