Friday, May 13, 2016

Sharing Their Relationship

Poor Ron. All he'd wanted to do was help his friends - if only he'd read the instructions more carefully. Can you find him in this picture? The real Ron that is. Don't worry if you can't, it's not likely you'd guess he's the cutie in the pink panties straddling one of the Rons on the couch.

Our product, Wish In A Bottle, worked perfectly, Ron just didn't understand the importance of specificity when making magical requests.Trying to help his girlfriendless buddies out, Ron called all of them over and then used the bottle. His well-intentioned wish was that they'd each find a relationship as loving and passionate as the one he had with his own girlfriend, Allison.

As you can see, they did. Half the group were instantly transformed into exact copies of Ron while the others became quadruplet Allisons. Ironically, the real Ron found himself on the feminine side of the spell, his body slimming down and his mind being rewritten to mirror his girlfriend's as well.

The real Allison was of course shocked and confused when she returned home to find four versions of herself being fucked by a handful of Rons. Fortunately, she found our support line's number on the receipt for the Wish In A Bottle and contacted us immediately. Customer satisfaction being our number one priority, we dispatched a representative to smooth over the situation.

The attached picture was taken as soon as he arrived on-site. According to Allison, this was just after they'd taken a break from their previous orgy; they seemed very eager to use their new bodies. Excellently trained, as all our personnel are, our rep easily solved the reality-complicating conundrum using a simple merging spell. The bodies of each of the Rons were fused together into one, and the same was done with all of the Allisons into the real Allison's body. A perfect solution that both protected the integrity of the wish and helped our customers deal with the unexpected realities of magical ignorance.

We're glad to report that the happy couple is still together to this day! Though the original Ron was completely subsumed into Allison, the new Ron has been picking up the slack. The two recently announced their engagement, and rumors are circulating that Allison has started developing a bit of a belly bump...


  1. I think this may be my favorite of yours so far. :)

    1. Thanks! I love it too! It has a little bit of all the things I like. Fun cap to make!